Webike Global Photography Contest of “My Le Mans Start”, we will giveaway a total of 30,000 JPY worth of gift Cards!

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Finally the 24 Hours Motos Le Mans endurance race is coming on 8/29-8/30, although it will be held behind a closed door due to COVID-19. It is absolutely one of our favorite races to watch while drinking beer.

2020 is not an easy year for everyone, especially motorcyclists. Yes we know and we understand. We have stayed home, restrained ourselves from hopping on bikes to go out, yes we have done our hours. But yet nothing can stop us from celebrating in the darkest night for the brightest, shiniest dawn.

We are holding this photography contest to bring more attention to the Le Mans endurance race, trust me this race really deserves it. It shows how human-being can overcome difficulties and keep challenging themselves to the next level, always aiming high, always pushing the limit.

To enter this contest is simple. Post a photo on Instagram and use #mylemansstart hashtag to enter. Why Le Mans Start (or standing start?)? Because we think the Le Mans Start is absolutely the most symbolic ritual of this traditional race, therefore, we want you to be creative and post any photos that are related to the Le Mans Start. The entry period is from 8/20/2020 to 9/4/2020. After the deadline, our staff will carefully review each entry and pick the winners. The 3 winners will each receive a 10,000 Webike Points (which is about 95 USD worth) that you can use on shopping at Webike Japan.

Okaaaay I’m in, but what the hell is the Le Mans Start?

A Le Mans-style start was used for many years in various types of motor racing. When the start flag dropped, drivers had to run across the track to their cars which were parked on the other side, climb in, start the car, and drive away to begin the race. ------Wikipedia

In short, you are put away from your machine, and you will rush into it to start your race. A very traditional way to start a race, they have been doing it since the 50’s.

Aannnnnnd what kind of photo I should post? I have never been to France!

Don’t worry, my friend. I haven’t, too. The spirit of this contest is to celebrate, not to compete. We want something creative like (these two are made by our staff):

The Unboxing

The Bus Stop Racer

Create your own motorcycle meme!
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Event Summery

We look forward to check out your photos!

Name of the evenMy Le Mans
Hashtag to be used#mylemansstart
PeriodAug. 20,2020 ~ Sept. 4, 2020
Point DistributionSept. 8, 2020 ~

・To receive the Webike Point, the winner must have a Webike account.
・By entering this contest, you authorize Webike Global to use your photo(s) includes but not limited to: articles, ads, videos, social media.

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