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The motorcycle that made the name "NINJA" the most popular in the world. That was KAWASAKI "original NINJA", the GPZ900R.

Its popularity exploded after Maverick, played by Tom Cruise in the movie "Top Gun", and is still extremely popular today.

Part manufacturer "K-FACTORY" is challenged gutsy and proud to present the GPZ900R full custom that is loved all over the world!

Moreover! Most of the parts used for this custom are actual parts that are available in the market! This time, Webike staff carefully selects the parts that K-FACTORY particularly recommend!

Watch out for the K-FACTORY GPZ900R that does not break the form and is finished in a more stylish way!

Neatly organized handlebar area

Lever guard and billet lever

GPZ900RS Custom Parts

Lever guard and billet lever with shining machined aluminum
The lever guard is mainly used on the circuit, but it also functions as a shield that protects the rider's hands when riding in the city.

The billet lever is relatively slender and easy to grip and gives a sharp reviews. It's the perfect part for customization.

Moreover, if you equipped an optional lever adjuster or adjustable wire, it is possible to adjust in the state of the glove, fine-tuning during riding!

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Reservoir tank cap

The reservoir tank cap, packed with the commitment of K-FACTORY to the details, is a revolutionary product that will tighten around the handlebar just by equipping it.

Although it is not directly connected to the performance, do not you think that the motorcycle that is firmly custom in such a place is finished very cool?

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Triple tree

It is a wonderful part of K-FACTORY to stick here as well. Since it is made of machined aluminum, it is lightweight and easy to handle, and its rigidity is better than OEM.

When I looked into the motorcycle from the bottom, I said, "It's also custom here!!" It is a point that appeals to the presence.

▼The whole image looks something like this▼

I want to customize it by sticking firmly to the place where it is not seen! Isn't it perfect for those who say that?

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Meter LED set

Since the meter box of the vintage motorcycle uses the filament sphere, visibility at night decreases. It is this meter LED set that is recommended at such a time.

The diffused LED realizes vivid meter lighting. Moreover, power consumption is less than 50% of the conventional one! It is designed to be friendly to the battery of the vintage motorcycle.

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Strong undercarriage that is as strong as the current model

Upright Φ43 front fork (OHLINS)

The front fork is certainly in OHLINS......Considering the compatibility with the motorcycle body, the OHLINS chose black for the outer and inner tubes.

By not using yellow to emphasize it, you can make it look black and tight around the front by making it black.

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MONO LINE Rear single shock (YSS)

The rear suspension installed here is not attached as it is ready-made, but the HYPERPRO spring is matched to the rear shock of YSS.

In other words... It's a rear suspension that you can't normally get. It is a serious proof of K-FACTORY that the ready-made products are not used as they are.

It is a combination recommended for those who are worried that "YSS is also good but HYPERPRO is also hard to throw away". (Not for sale...)

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Aluminum Forged Wheels [TYPE-GP1S] (GALE SPEED)

The five-spoke wheel is designed for stability under hard braking and at high speed. The curved ribs on the inside of the spoke provide "suppleness". The wheels that are equipped here are semi-glossy black, but you can choose it according to your preference because there are other gold and white etc.

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Swing arms

New big size square pipe swingarm made of ultra duralumin. The swingarm of the conventional shape section specification is further evolved, and the rigidity, flexibility, and weight reduction are realized. The original concept of "open and bend" has been further strengthened.

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Riding footpegs

The black part looks like a rearsets, but the parts that are shining in silver are all part of the rearsets! The most distinctive feature is the oval part of the silver part. By mounting this part in reverse, you can lower the pivot position by 20mm.

*If you want to lower the pivot position, you need to modify the frame.

By the way, what happens if you lower the pivot position? Even with the customization, the swingarm droop angle will be in the proper position.

This way, the feeling of the grounding of the tire does not become thin, and it comes to be able to put it in the corner while feeling the grip firmly.

▼ 20mm down will change this much ▼

*Red indicates the case where the pivot position is not lowered and green indicates the case where the pivot position is lowered 20mm.

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K-FACTORY's commitment to the engine area

Clutch cover

Although the unique design of the shaving stands out, it is a cool finish that looks chic and adult by aligning the color with the engine body. It is also possible to equip a slider made of DURACON, the DURACON part will guard the engine firmly in the event of a fall.

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Pulsing cover

The front of the cover is engraved with the K-FACTORY logo and has a unique design and texture. Besides, the lower part of the cover can be replaced with a DURACON slider, and although it is small as shown in the photo it protects you well.

Installation can also be easily installed with bolt-on!

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Oil pan


Those who are concerned about the silhouette under the engine! Why don't you finish it in a clean silhouette with this part?

Moreover, since the appearance of the oil pan has become fin-like, it is like hitting two birds in one stone parts that can also increase the cooling effect as well!

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Down tube

The GPZ900R is originally called a diamond frame and does not have a down tube. By equipping this down tube, it is possible to prevent the frame from distorting or twisting even in a higher power and high-speed riding. If you install the optional front reinforcement hanger kit, you can further increase the rigidity!

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FCR Carburetor (KEIHIN)

The most important thing when customizing a carburetor based motorcycle is a carburettor. In particular, FCR is a standard carburetor even in the vintage motorcycle custom, and it is certainly equipped to the GPZ900R. For those riders who want to experience a strong acceleration, KEIHIN is a carburetor that you want to equipped by all means!

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Only K-FACTORY can produce this colored exhaust system!

Exhaust pipe: D-Header for GPZ900R (reference installation)

K-FACTORY has created this shiny gold exhaust pipe based on their racing experience. The origin of the name "D-Header" is because the shape of the header pipe near the exhaust port is D type. With this exhaust pipe that has undergone significant power-up, there is no doubt that GPZ will be even more fun!

*Since only the exhaust pipe of [D-Header] is equipped in this mounting, it has become a "reference mounting".

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Silencer: Hexagon silencer (reference installation)

A beautiful gold color that continues from the exhaust pipe. The wheels are all black, so the golden exhaust pipe and exhaust look great. The sound from the hexagon shape is relatively modest, but when you open the throttle, it will let you hear the rough sound.

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A simple test ride review and parts summary that could not be introduced!

The GPZ900R is so cool, it's numbingly cool. I had a chance to test ride this fully custom GPZ, so here are a few thoughts. When I straddle the GPZ900R, what I felt is that the riding position is very forward-leaning like a supersport.

Although it is forward-leaning, it is not cramped at all, and since it is a moderate forward-leaning, I was able to sleep without anxiety when cornering. Besides, the handling weight, handling difficulty, etc. that are often found in vintage motorcycles have been improved with machined parts, and the performance is good as the latest motorcycle model.

After all, the custom that the manufacturer of the part seriously considered gives the user a new custom possibility. It is a GPZ special feature of K-FACTORY which introduced quickly. To tell the truth, there are a lot of parts which have not been introduced yet!!

So! I made a video listing all the products that are being installed and introduced in this article!

▼ Click here to watch the video to introduce the parts ▼

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