Line-up Video of YAMAHA Yard Built Based on the Retro Styled XSR700 Custom Builds!

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Yard Built – is a YAMAHA's project to build a customized machine and let inspire YAMAHA owner's in personalizing their own designs, bringing out a unique line up to the custom world. Yard Built was established in partnership with YAMAHA and Deus since 2013. Their collaboration has been booming and trending in the custom motorcycle world.


YAMAHA's Yard Built project has 2 custom builds: PRO BUILDS and DEALER BUILDS. PRO BUILDS is performed by talented customizers who can help owners achieve their dream design using custom parts and accessories.
Whereas, DEALER BUILDS is performed by YAMAHA dealer who can bring your custom version to life using YAMAHA parts and accessories. Both builds could bring YAMAHA's owners to dream into the reality of having an incredible custom build design.


Yard Built has been customizing numerous model and the XSR700 is one of the Yard Built projects. 2020 XSR700 is powered by a 689cc liquid-cooled, inline twin-cylinder, DOHC engine. Having a standout style, advanced crossplane crankshaft concept engine, powerful braking with ABS compact, and its sporty chassis made XSR700 unique in the sport heritage model.


Check out the unique line-up video of all custom builds based on the retro styled XSR700!

Yamaha Yard Built 2019 – XSR700 "Swank Rally 700" by Deus Ex Machina

The latest offering by the Deus – Yamaha partnership, the Swank Rally 700, takes the cool essence of Deus and blends it perfectly with Yamaha's versatile and easily customizable XSR700. The result is a true Deus custom that delivers the engaging and emotional riding experience that the XSR is famous for.

Yamaha Yard Built 2019 – XSR700 “Alan” by Lamb Engineering

Check out the unique Yard Built by Lamb Engineering: XSR700 “Alan”, built for the #BackToTheDirt project and presented at The Reunion 2019, Monza.

Yamaha Yard Built 2019 – XSR700 ”BW Tribute” by Sur Le Chapeaux de Roues

Discover the XSR700 “BW Tribute” – a Yard Built customization by Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues, France, built for the #BackToTheDirt project and presented at The Reunion 2019, Monza.

Yamaha Yard Built 2019 – XSR700 “TT 700” by Capelo’s Garage & Elemental Rides

Check in action Capêlo Garage & Elemental Rides’ Yard Built - the super cool XSR700 “TT 700”, built for the #BackToTheDirt project and presented at The Reunion 2019, Monza.

Yamaha Yard Built 2019 – XSR700 “Grasshopper” by Hookie Co.

Discover the impressive German Yard Built by Hookie Co.: XSR700 “Grasshopper” built for the #BackToTheDirt project and presented at The Reunion 2019, Monza.

Yamaha XSR700 Fior Café Racer

It was a bike that once seen, wasn't easily forgotten. BUILT Magazine editor Gary Pinchin certainly hadn't forgotten when he remarked that the lines of the Yamaha XSR700 reminded him of the XS1100 Fior tank shape.

Yamaha Yard Built - XSR700 by Ton Up Garage

Directly inspired by the '80s, with its fluo colors and striking design, the Yard Built by Ton-Up Garage can really take you Back to the Future. Meet Daniel, the customizer, and discover more about his stunning creation.

Yamaha Yard Built – XSR700 by Workhorse to race the Sultans of Sprint

Custom bike builder extraordinaire Brice Hennebert puts the Workhorse Speed Shop on the task of taking top honours at Sultans of Sprint Factory class with their custom-built Yamaha XSR700. The bike will be piloted by a different guest rider for each of the four events.

Yard Built XSR700 by Rough Crafts

Discover a unique “double-style” Yamaha XSR700 Yard Built masterpiece by Rough Crafts Experience. Presenting the “Corsa Scorcher” and the “Soil Scorpion”.

Yard Built XSR700 Otokomae by AD HOC Cafè Racer

Yard Built celebrates summer with the new custom XSR700 Otokomae by AD HOC Cafè Racers. No stranger to Yamaha customising, Barcelona based David Gonzalez has created a street tracker with attitude, whose bold colours really stand out in a crowd.

New Yard Built XSR700 by Bunker Custom Motorcycles

Shun Miyazawa and the team at Bunker Custom Motorcycles present their new Yard Built XSR700.

Yard Built XSR700 'Super 7' by JvB-moto

Following the stunning concept ‘Faster Son’ created by Chabbott Engineering’s Shinya Kimura this summer to launch the XSR700, Germany’s JvB-moto is now the first custom builder to step up and deliver their take on the latest offering from the Sport Heritage range.

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