KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R Video Special Edition No.2: Custom Parts Installation

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KAWASAKI Indonesia has been released a promotional video for the hottest model "ZX-25R" in 2020 that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

The video introduces the details of the NINJA ZX-25R, its exciting riding, the development and installation of its racing parts.

Here are the following videos showcasing the custom parts installation of KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R special edition no.2.


KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R run on dyno.

[Stage 1] KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R Modification: Sniper

This video shows the stage 1 of the NINJA ZX-25R modification video series. Stage 1 of the modification features the installation of the custom parts from the SNIPER brand.

[Stage 2] KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R Modification: YOSHIMURA Exhaust

Here is the stage 2 video modification featuring the installation of the YOSHIMURA exhaust system.

[Stage 3] KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R Modification: A-Tech Carbon

Stage 3 video shows custom installation using A-Tech Japan's carbon fiber body kit.

KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R x YOSHIMURA: Start & Warm-up [Sound]

[SOUND ON] Warming up and starting up the KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R using the YOSHIMURA exhaust system (racing specs).


[Headphone-ON] The KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R is equipped with the YOSHIMURA HeptaForce TSS (racing version) to warm up, and ready to ride on with Dyno. The screaming in-line 4 power is outstanding!

KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R Modification Compilation

The compilation of all the modification video series of KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R.

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