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The NINJA H2, which has concentrated technology, is the fastest motorcycle in the world!

KAWASAKI Heavy Industries, Ltd. has released its latest video "Motorcycle version", the corporate brand video "Changing forward" with the theme of a corporate message "Changing forward". Introducing the close-up of "NINJA H2", showing how the world's fastest speed record* was achieved with overwhelming power in a realistic and powerful image.

With the voice of the rider who challenged the fastest in the world along with the machine, it depicts the value that the NINJA H2 brings.

*At the time of June 2020 (2018 Bonneville Speed Week P-PB1000 class record / 337.064km per hour [Official Record: 209.442 miles per hour])

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Summary of the video "Motorcycle version"

The Bonneville Speedweek is a festival of speed held in Utah, USA. Riders from around the world were challenged in this big event to record their fastest speed, KAWASAKI Heavy Industries' developers and test riders "Team38" took part in this major event with the NINJA H2 equipped with a supercharged engine.

Bonneville was the only place in the world where they could test the incredible power of the NINJA H2, said the development members. In order to prove the performance of the machine that they created, they will make a start towards the title of the "World's Fastest".

The setting for Bonneville is a vast plain of salt. The NINJA H2 will run powerfully while roaring the sound of the engine on the pure white world that stretches far and wide.

The one who challenged the extreme speed with the NINJA H2 is Shigeru Yamashita, KAWASAKI test rider. Yamashita explains his feelings on the challenge: "My goal is to bring out this machine's full potential, and also to challenge how far we could go," said Yamashita.

And despite the harsh conditions affected by the salt lake's road surface and wind, NINJA H2 set the world's fastest record of 337.064km/h.

Yamashita looks back on the sprint of the day and comments as follows.

That was fun. The riveting acceleration, sound, vibration, and smell. Whenever I accelerate on the NINJA H2, I fell the same fresh excitement just like my first time on the back of my father's motorcycle.

Then, in accordance with the rider's comments, the video will switch to the appearance of the NINJA H2 riding through the city.

"This speed even excites your heart." Supermachines with an overwhelming power that is proud of the world are the ones that give richness and excitement to everyday life just by owning them.

While blending into the city, it shows an exhilarating run like a Bonneville and makes the person you see naturally smile, not to mention the person who is riding.

The motorcycle that pursued speed is a dream that I wanted to come true. It was to fill the lives of everyone to see, to ride, and to feel to brighten up their lives. "Changing forward". KAWASAKI will continue to change in the future.

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About NINJA H2

The NINJA H2 is a large motorcycle equipped with a supercharged engine originally developed by KAWASAKI Heavy Industries.

In addition to its high output and strong acceleration capability, it has achieved ease of handling and excellent fuel efficiency in everyday life and has gained a high reputation and popularity. This super-machine with overwhelming power is the fruit of the technologies of various businesses such as gas turbines and aerospace of the KAWASAKI Heavy Industries Group.

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