TRICK STAR x Evangelion Collaboration Specification Waterproof Waist Bag is Available for Resell


As the final Evangelion movie is about to reach its final episode, TRICK STAR has been responded to fans' requests and was pleased to announce the reselling of the Waterproof Waist Bag Evangelion x TRICK STAR Collaboration Model.

The waist bag is tarpaulin fabric and is completely waterproof. The zipper is water-resistant. The color is available in white, black, green, and purple.

This is a waist bag with a large capacity of 5L. The waist bag is designed in a size that allows you to hang it on your shoulder.

This waist bag can also be worn in a stylish way outside of your motorcycle riding activities. The design is an Evangelion original specification.

Price: around 100 USD
Delivery schedule: Late of June

Original Source [ TRICK STAR ]

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