KUSHITANI Spring / Summer Jacket: The Best Size to Match is By Height


Selection of apparel size is quite difficult. You can never tell if it is the right fit for you if you don't actually wear it! This year, Webike will address that concern!

Three of our staff members are actually wearing the jackets and will give their reviews from a motorcycle rider's perspective! By checking your body shape, you can figure out the best match size for you!

This is how you decide in the selection of the motorcycle jacket size this year!


Product Description

This is a stylish piece in the style of Kushitani. This jacket shows off its simple design and has a beautiful silhouette.

As the name implies, the Aqua Jacket has high water pressure resistance and breathability, therefore rain gear is unnecessary. In addition, it has a function to ventilate the inside of the jacket when it gets hot during the day. So, this jacket provides comfort without worrying weather conditions when travelling.

Since this jacket is popular from Kushitani, it sells out quickly so if you are interested you'd better get it before it runs out of stock.

The staff is actually wearing the jackets.

They are all wearing summer jackets over short-sleeved T-shirts.

Height:183cm, Weight: 77kg, Body Shape: Normal

The best size to match is the LL.
Since it has a spacious silhouette, the LL size is the right fit, not the XL. The XL size has longer sleeves than the LL size, so the XL is the best match if you are riding a bike in a forward leaning position. In my case, I would choose the LL but if you are particular with the length of the sleeves, I think XL is a good choice.

Height:175cm, Weight: 67kg, Body Shape: Normal

The best match is the LL size.
The XL size is loose and comfortable, but the length of the sleeves is also too long and the position of the protector seems to be shifting. I also tried on a size L, but it was tight overall, and when I took the riding posture was cramped.

Height:170cm, Weight: 52kg Body Shape: Lean Type

The L size is the best match.
Both XL and LL size were too big for me. The silhouette is a little overwhelming and not very beautiful. On the other hand, the L size is a little more comfortable when standing, and the riding form and sleeve length fit perfectly and fit perfectly.

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