Introducing the 19 ADVENTURE CONCEPT of ADV150!

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We will introduce the ADV150 customize motorcycle exhibited at MOTOR EXPO from November 26, 2019! The 19 SPORTS Concept and 19 ADVENTURE Concept motorcycle participated in this contest. We will introduce here the ADVENTURE Concept! Click here for the SPORT Concept!


Mr. BALON's ADV with gray bodyworks and fluorescent guards. The touring bag installed in the rear with a map inside makes this ADV a motorcycle that is ready to go for touring.


This is NOI WATDAN24's ADV with the number plate. This is one of those motorcycles that combines the off-road image well with ADV such as large front and rear rims, inverted front forks with fork guards, and UP exhaust system!


LIKITO RACING SHOP's customized ADV with a strong color scheme. The ADV with an excellent sense of color. SHAD pannier cases are installed on both sides at the same height as the seat, and the rear box is intentionally left unattached, creating a light image to the ADV. This one also has excellent style.


MPRO's ADV finished in blue scheme. Using a good tiger-printed color scheme is one of the most eye-catching. If you look closely, you can tell it is a very well designed ADV with the inverted position, the rotor on the right side, and the processing fog lights.


The frame is boldly customized by RJ RACING's ADV. Removing the cowl to reveal the frame makes this ADV different from the other motorcycle on the market. It is custom made with a sense of fun, such as putting the word "ADV" on the frame part.


This is an ADV customized by G-Craft Asia. The front 14-inch rim and rear 12-inch rim give the front and rear sharpness look. ZOOMER headlight is the most noticeable feature on this ADV. The engine has been extended 16cm in the rear for a more nimble look.


The GTR's ADV customized with a very lovely color. The pannier cases on both sides and top were also painted and I felt that the exterior design and beautiful finishing were the best. This is truly perfect!


The TOON SUTHISARN's ADV has a camouflage appearance. I was very pleased to see that G-Craft also exhibited in the same style that I had imagined at the beginning of the show, which is exactly what I wanted to do. I knew the camouflage pattern would look great on the ADV!


The 109RACING CLUB's ADV has a red, black, and blue color scheme. This color is very cool too. The brakes have been changed to BREMBO front and rear, and the undercarriage has been carefully designed.


The KICKER CUSTOM's ADV was customized with an overall black finishing. It is not flashy, but the front has been upgraded to up fender, 14-inch black rims for front and rear, and the wing mark on the frame is very pretty. This is one of my personal favorites with a mature atmosphere.


The MAITHAI MUSASHI's ADV was installed with equipment for touring. The large pannier case, frame guards, and multiple fog lights attached on the front make the ADV look even bigger. This customized ADV is good too!


The COMBIZ's ADV has a wonderful color scheme. The so-called turquoise blue is a very complicated color to use, but it has a stunning finishing when combined with black. It has an outstanding sense.


The MOV ALAI's ADV was customized to the RALLY specs. This ADV was got me too! The ADV scooter has become RALLY specs perfectly. This is the best ADV for me. This is fantastic!


The SKT-BIKE's ADV has been equipped with a tire for both off-road and on-road tires. The design is ready to go as it is for an adventure such as bush guards extending to the front of the light, fog lights, rear box, etc.


The SAK KM9's ADV customized with yellow and black is eye-catching. The undercarriage is unified with black rims, off-road tires on up fenders, and fork guards make this customized ADV suitable for adventure. The color is outstanding!


The 1 AUTO BIKES's ADV has camouflage paint on a white-base frame. The rear carrier is an OEM grab bar with a different type of carrier. This white ADV is very cool too!


The customized UDOM KANCHANG's ADV features black and red. This customized ADV is really ready to go for off-road as is with modified UP exhaust system, and 14-inch spoke wheels on the front and rear.


The BNV VINTAGE BIKE SHOP's ADV has piled up a rear tire that looks like a Jeep. The rim has been customized to a 17-inch front and 14-inch rear. The front forks have been extended as well, so it doesn't feel like a 17-inch custom.


This ASURA's ADV got me for loading a bike, which I thought was a great idea. Other parts such as the rear arm cover and the front foglight base that were made exclusively for the model, were sculpted with FRP. The wholeness is wonderful.

The above ADV that we introduced has a total of 19 units for ADVENTURE Concept. Click here for the SPORT Concept!

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