Introducing the 19 SPORTS CONCEPT of the ADV150!

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We will introduce the ADV150 customize motorcycle exhibited at MOTOR EXPO from November 26, 2019!

The 19 SPORTS Concept and 19 Adventure Concept motorcycle participated in this contest. Let's start with the SPORTS concept!
First on the list is FURII-SHOP's ADV150. The eye-catching color schemes tend to draw attention, but the undercarriage was designed with OVER RACING front and rear wheels. The rear is cantilevered and modified to a monoshock.
YONGS MOTOR's custom finished in intense red and blue stretches the engine to the back and the front is equipped with the winglet that is also used in MOTOGP. You can also see parts covered with carbon if you look closely.
The JACK SHOP's ADV concept is the color of 2019MOTO2 class champion Alex Marquez! Install the parts actually used for the race such as front and rear BREMBO billet calipers on the front inverted fork!
The line-up of the trendy exhaust system features the KD PROJECT ARCING's ADV. The ADV150 has a great color scheme.
The extravagance around the handlebars was outstanding. The adventure image of ADV has been skillfully changed to a racing style.
This is an X-PAINT SHOP custom motorcycle with a GULF color. Normally, the disc is on the left side, but the disc has been changed to the right side due to the change of the front fork. The carbon-rich exterior is a masterpiece. Personally, it was custom made by adding an oil cooler!
The SPEED DEVELOP's motorcycle is an ADV finished in blue and orange. The gradient from blue to black and the gold wheels are very beautiful on ADV. The motorcycle height has been lowered and it has been finished into a very thick style.
The NOTE KEVLAR's ADV with its whole body carbon, fluorescent green, and blue lines was really beautiful. The color scheme of this ADV was really beautiful. The overall design is really informative.
This is STORM's ADV with a beautiful shape around the front. The aero under the light is made of carbon. The clearance with the fenders is close to the limit, and the overall unity is truly exquisite balance. The large diameter rotor is also amazing!
This ADV was also really beautiful. First of all, the whole paint is eye-catching, but the finish of the fine parts was treated very carefully though there was no overly in each part. That was the ADV by EVO RACING PROJECT, which was in the overall atmosphere.
This is the ADV by NEW ALAI with a strong impact. The highlight is the rear billet arm that must have been machined from an incredibly large aluminum block. Hats off to the fact that even the inside of the headlight was painted. This was cool!
This TU PAKNAM's ADV was finished in a single color of sky blue. While not as flashy as other ADV, it is easy to visualize light customization with large front and rear rotors and a billet brake lever.
The PP ALAI's ADV has the individual's favorite color scheme, light yellow-green with a silver lining. It was very beautiful. Good choice of parts around the front and rear suspension and handlebars too!
This NUI RACING's ADV also has a full billet rear arm. Its power and skill to be able to build in a short period of time are truly amazing! At first, I thought the color scheme was CB1000RRRR colors, but it's actually a beautiful motif of the Thai flag fluttering in the wind.
As you can see, the RSV RACING's ADV is a motif based on the color of the CBR1000RRR. This ADV also has a full billet rear arm. The finely sculpted shape, billet calipers, and large diameter rotors give this ADV a racing image.
This DRAGON9's ADV has equipped with front and rear OHLINS suspension. The rear suspension is available on the market for ADV, but the front fork may be used for other model. The under-bracket was made as a one-off because the OEM is upright. Anyway, it was an excellent ADV!
This is MURAZAKI's ADV with the CBR1000RRRR colors. This ADV was also amazing. The coloring, parts, and detailed finishing were at a very high level. It is the kind of ADV you'd expect from a famous custom shop in Bangkok!
This 22 SPECIAL PARTS's ADV has a refreshing look. Actually, this shop specializes in VINTAGE motorcycle customization, but somehow this style is reflected in the coloring. It was a very beautiful, glossy ADV.
The 2019 MOTOGP World Champion is number 93. It featured an inverted front forks, radial mounting, front brakes equipped with carbon air duct, large radiators, and equipped with dual exhaust system around the rear. This is LIKITO's ADV where almost all parts are available.
The POMY's ADV with REPSOL color has been well designed to match the form of the scooter. I forget from which muffler it was but the shape was cool. The seat design was also excellent!

That's all for the 19 Sports Concept of ADV. Up next, we will feature the Adventure concept!

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