Armed with carbon! Magical Racing “Street Bodywork for S1000RR (’19- )


The new BMW S1000RR, developed with the aim of becoming the most powerful SS in the world, has had its engine replaced by the previous model. It had more power and was much lighter. The new S1000RR is a monster machine.
Magical Racing has released the body parts for the new S1000RR for the public roads.

Increased potential with improved function and texture

The first thing that catches your eye is the carbon trim screen, which is one of the company's specialties. It's taller than the standard screen, and provides good protection at high speeds.
The carbon trim base provides a good visibility. It is available in 3 colors: clear, smoke, and mirror coated super coat.

Front Fender

The front fenders are integrated with the fork guards and the rear fenders are integrated with the chain guard Also available in two colors of FRP.

Rear Fender

The rear fenders are extended backwards from the stock rear fenders to reduce turbulence from the rear tires. An FRP chain guard is also available in two colors.

Fenderless Kit

▲The license plate in the image is not included.

This is a standard item to make the rear area look sharp and clean. It is shaped to take advantage of the slimmed-down lyposities of the new S1000RR, and is also designed to The fenderless kit gives a sharp look to the tail area.
The number lights are included in the kit.


The oil catching under-cowl was extended to the rear to cover the muffler.
The ducts are kept intact, but the stock fork guards are included. The stock muffler expansion chamber is covered with a beautiful silhouette.
This protects the expensive inner tube from stones.Oil catching system allows for circuit sports riding.The side cowl ducts are also included in the kit.

Around the tank

▲Tank top cover

Tank end, tank side cover, and tank top cover are available for the tank area.
The beautiful carbon texture raises the quality around the controls, which is always in view, and makes the whole machine look more beautiful. Tighten the silhouette. Two types of carbon plain weave and twill weave are available.

▲Tank end, tank side cover

These carbon parts are available in two types of weave patterns, plain weave and twill weave. Lineup. These body parts are highly functional without compromising the standard styling.

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