Make the Air Valve Unnoticeable! KITACO Invisible Air Valve is Now Available!


The idea of eliminating the valve protrusions was a blind spot.

Replacing the STD valve with a neat wheel

Perhaps we might have been given up on the OEM gnarled protrusion if we may recall.

No matter how much the tires evolved and how cool the design of the wheels became, the shape of the valve was still the only thing that hadn't changed. The only customization that could be done was to change the cap at best.

KITACO has recently released an innovative product that eliminates the air valve.

It is pretty clean just to get rid of the gnarled part of the valve.

You can use the included key ring for the air.

The invisible air valve cannot be used to inflate on its own. You have to remove the aluminum cap and connect the attached key holder type straight valve and inflate it with air.

Since it is a key chain, it is not likely to lose so no need to worry about it.

Corresponding rim hole diameter is Φ11

I think it's big enough to fit most tubeless wheels. However, wheels that are too small (e.g. 8-inches), and wheels from other companies (e.g. MARCHESINI, GALE SPEED, etc.) cannot be used because of the difference in hole diameter.

We recommend that you measure the hole diameter and the extension length of your rim before purchasing an invisible air valve.


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