DProject – the exclusive custom wheels which is popular from Thailand to worldwide

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Dproject came from XPaint Shop, It’s the brand that has more than 10 years experience in wheels field, but as you know the custom wheels have to be customized and this brand also need you to specify the spec before using it too.

Customized CBR150R with Dproject wheels

[Above is custom bike from DProject, modified from Honda CB150R Exmotion ]
The wheels ready to be modified for the original motorcycle easily and has several designs to choose such as complete type, one piece wheels and two piece wheels.

The shop only make the special product and this is the reason why the product has to be detailed and take time for each to produce. Aren't you worry about durability, this will solve your problem.

Dproject motorcycle wheels
Dproject motorcycle wheels variation

No more worrying, the material quality be the same as the car wheels. Let’s imagine how many tones the car has to handle the weight, but this is using with motorcycle which has to handle not over 200 kilograms. It’s much difference!! If It’s falling into a trap, the trap must be scattered.

Dproject motorcycle wheels red color

Currently, DProject is going to have more new accessories and that’s can’t be another but foot peg for Monkey which will be newly promoted at the end of this month, Let’s see the picture

Monkey125 with Dproject wheels

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