[DUCATI SCRAMBLER 1100] Trendy liter motorcycle that makes it easy for beginners


Owner:Mr. Tachiro

This time, we introduce "SCRAMBLER 1100" of "Mr. Tachiro" from "My Bike".

SCRAMBLER 1100 was launched in 2018 as the first liter motorcycle in the SCRAMBLER series. There are 3 types on 1100cc, whis are "Standard", "1100 Special" with classical impression and "1100 Sports" with Ohlins suspension.

Mr. Taichiro is probably a "Standard" type (I'm sorry if I made a mistake).

If you hear it as 1100 cc, there may be people who think "big motorcycle!", but since its equipped weight is only 206 kg, it is a little heavier than CB400SF. it is so light!!
Moreover, because it is a slightly higher handlebar, handling seems to be comfortable as Ms. Tachiro says in the comment!

However, since the heat of the engine is hot (winter is good), it may be better to think about measures.
If you ask DUCATI rides and DUCATI shops, you will certainly get good advice.

Mr. Tachiro's SCRAMBLER 1100 is still beautiful. Please enjoy it safely forever!

Advantages:The sounds of the traditional L Twin air-cooled engine, the beautiful appearance of the Italian naked, the weight of the motorcycle was light and handled well.
Disadvantages:Heat emitted by a liter air-cooled engine. It is good because it will be a stove in winter, but in a heavy traffic in the summer it is as hot as hell. When living in a quiet residential area, its exhaust sound may be noisy. Parts are expensive.
Advice:It is a big motorcycle that is easy to ride even for beginners if you can withstand even the heat of the engine and the parts are high. I recommend it to those who want to ride a stylish Naked.

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