Yamaha recalled the “TMAX 530” In the worst case, the rear wheel drive belt will run out and it will be impossible to run, and there is a danger that the mixture will abnormally burn and stall

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• Recall Notification Date
January 21, Heisei 31

• Recall Notification Number

• Recall Start Date
January 22, Heisei 31

• Name of the Registered Person
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director Hiroshi Hinami

• Inquiries
Customer Communication Center

• Parts of Trouble (part name)
A: Power transmission device (rear wheel drive belt)
B: Prime mover (engine control unit)

• Status of the structure, equipment or performance that is deemed to be in fault condition and its cause
A: Some of the strength of the belt is insufficient because the structure of the core wire of the rear wheel drive belt is inappropriate. Therefore, if a heavy load is repeatedly applied to the belt due to sudden acceleration or the like, in the worst case, there is a possibility that the belt may run out and run.

B: Since the program of the engine control unit is inappropriate, if the throttle is slightly opened from the idling state, the air-fuel mixture drawn into the combustion chamber may become thin. Therefore, in the worst case, the mixture may abnormally burn and stall.

• Content of Remedial Measures
A: Replace all vehicles and rear wheel drive belts with countermeasures.
B: Modify the program of all vehicles, engine control unit.

• Number of Defects
A: 2 cases
B: 17 cases

Presence or absence of accident
A: None
B: None

•Motivation for Discovery
A: Based on information from foreign markets.
B: Based on information from the domestic market.

Measures to be informed to automobile users and automobile disassembly maintenance operators
· User: Notify by direct mail.
· Automobile Disassembly Service Provider: Posted in Journal published by JAIJI-NANO.
· For motorcycle that have already been improved, attach No. 4318 sticker to motorcycle (near chassis number stamping position).

• Motorcycle Name

• Range of the chassis number (serial number) of the recalled motorcycle and the production period / number
· Common Name: "XP 530 SA TMAX"
  Model: 2BL-SJ15J
  Chassis number: SJ15J-000007 to SJ15J-000896
  Production Period: March 2, Heisei 30 - August 20, Heisei 30
 Target Number of Units: 109 units
  Recall Location: A, B

  Chassis number: SJ15J-000066 to SJ15J-000941
  Production period: March 11, Heisei 30 - November 28, Heisei 30
  Number of Target Devices: 4
  Recall Location: B

· Common name: "XP530DA TMAX"
 Model: 2BL-SJ15J
  Chassis number: SJ15J-000017 to SJ15J-000937
  Production Period: March 9, Heisei 30 - November 9, Heisei 30
  Target Number of Units: 788 units
  Recall Location: A, B

  Chassis number: SJ15J-000775 to SJ15J-000914
  Production period: August 21, Heisei 30 - August 31, Heisei 30
  Target number of units: 12 units
  Recall Location: B

• Total
· Scope of the whole production period: March 2, Heisei 30 - November 28, Heisei 30
· Total 1 model 2 motorcycle models
· A total of 913 units (A: 897 units, B: 913 units)

· The range of the chassis number of the motorcycle to be recalled measures may include vehicles that are not covered.

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