Motorcycle Seat “Bike The Seat” Overview

Haven't you ever felt pain in your butt when going out on a touring ride? Well, I have.
Here, I would like to recommend this seat pad, BIKE THE SEAT, to you.

What type of person is this product for?
It is good for riders who go out on long touring rides.
Your butt gets hurt when you keep on riding a motorcycle for long hours, but this pad will completely remove that pain.
It is formed of natural rubber foam and has positive repulsion characteristics. It will sink in the same way even if you put things of a different weight. It will sink in half way, and the remaining will not go down.
It means that it won't sink in to its bottom.
It disperses the weight on the seat by continuously rebounding, and it relieves the pain in your butt.
By using the positive repulsion effect, it prevents poor blood circulation and eliminates pain.
This is the utmost secret of this seat pad.

Won't it go flat?
It seldom does.
It's because this product was originally developed as the BODY DOCTOR SERIES product, and was used for mattresses.
It has won the best evaluation, since its function did not drop even after the rolling durability test that was done for 60,000 times.
We, therefore, will guarantee this product for three years with confidence.
We will replace it with a new product if it deforms itself for over 10mm compared to the original shape.
Other seat pads get deformed after being used for many years. But this product is not one of those!
We provide 3-year warranty for assurance.

Can be installed for various motorcycles
Actually, this product is quite popular among supersport riders. Seats of supersport motorcycles are hard, so it does work.
I've been riding a CB1300, and I see many riders using it upside down on passenger seats.
More and more riders of 125cc motorcycles, like GROM, also use this product, for their seats are very hard.
It's becoming popular among HARLEY riders too, for they vibrate a lot.
The rubber will absorb the engine vibration or the impact from the road, and will drastically improve the ride comfort.

Easy installation
Connect the diagonally opposite bands.
Choose the suitable hole depending on your seat size, and fasten it with the velcro tape.
The size of the seat of motor scooters or other large motorcycles may be too big to fasten it diagonally. In that case, fasten the bands parallelly.
You can install it on all sorts of motorcycles by changing the installation style.
It is not a cheap product, but it will surely raise the performance of your motorcycle to the level that exceeds what you pay for.
If you are suffering from pain in your butt during your touring ride, you got to have this product!

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