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BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team made an eye-catching debut in the FIM Endurance World Championship. The new factory team on the 2019 S 1000 RR made it to the podium of the 2019 Bol d’Or with riders Ilya Mykhalchyk, Julian Puffe and Kenny Foray.

The new BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team finished 3rd at the 2019 Bol d’Or, with Ukrainian rider Ilya Mykhalchyk posting the fastest lap of the race, a 1:55.537, and Frenchman Kenny Foray setting the fastest speed: 332.3 km/h on the Mistral straight at the Paul Ricard circuit.

The French rider reflects on the first race of the new BMW factory team managed by Belgian Werner Daemen’s.

It’s hard to single out one great moment; what I recall is a positive race overall. For a new bike and a new team, a third-place finish was quite an unexpected result in a first race. It’s worth remembering that we took third place on a technicality, and that three of the favourites dropped out simultaneously, which made things easier for us. As for the race itself, it was pretty chaotic and frustrating when the race was suspended because of the weather conditions (but that’s normal), even more so towards the end of the race when we couldn’t get to 100% of our ability to defend because of a slight power deficit. There’s nothing better than a straightforward podium at the Bol d’Or. It was hard to accept in the heat of the moment, but with hindsight it’s positive and very encouraging, since it helped us to get a good start to the championship, to be well ranked in the standings for the upcoming races, and to gain some experience.

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The FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC) is an exciting championship in which both the motorcycles and riders are sorely put to the test in races lasting from 8 hours to 24 hours.

Having Eurosports Events as promotor since 2015, the world championship has witnessed a substantial increase in both media coverage, with races being broadcast worldwide, and race attendance figures, as a result of renewed interest in the sport. The championship is also attracting bigger, more international rider line-ups, with an ever-increasing number of new, high-level teams and riders signing up to compete in the FIM EWC each year.

The hottest and the latest news, twitter, facebook posts of the championship and from each participating team can be found at FIM EWC website and each channel.

Webike Japan is FIM EWC's 19-20/20-21 Official Partner.

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