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KAWASAKI Unveils the World Premiere of the Z H2, Ninja ZX-25R, and W800!


KAWASAKI Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI) unveiled the world premiere of the “Z H2”, “Ninja ZX-25R” and “W800” at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. The “Z H2” and “Ninja ZX-25R” is exhibited as a reference vehicle, and the “W800 ” will be released on December 1.

Z H2 (Reference Vehicle)

The Z H2 is a new flagship model of the super naked Z series. It exhibits high output and strong acceleration force, ease of handling in daily riding scenes and excellent fuel consumption performance.

The Z H2 is equipped with 998cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder balanced supercharged engine, and achieves a smooth acceleration in low and mid rev range by the exclusive engine setting for the Z H2.

In addition, the body which is adopted a newly designed trellis frame and the advanced front suspension system “SFF-BP”*1 is compatible with the nimble handling performance required for the super naked model and high rigidity to receive the power of the supercharged engine.

In terms of styling, the Z H2 creates an innovative image that differs from the previous Z series model by adopting asymmetrical design utilizing the air intake duct of the supercharger and a frame mount headlight while embodying “Sugomi” design*2 of Z series.

In addition to advanced electronic control technologies including the Integrated Riding Mode*3, a number of rider support systems such as a full-color TFT LCD instrument panel and a smartphone connection function are installed.

Ninja ZX-25R (Reference Vehicle)

The Ninja ZX-25R is a super sports model equipped with an inline 4-cylinder engine, the only one in the 250cc class lineup as of October 2019. The newly developed 249cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke inline 4-cylinder DOHC4 valve engine with a smooth rotation feeling is compatible with abundant torque in a low and mid rev range and strong power in the high rev range.

In addition, by tuning the intake and exhaust system in pursuit of the sound unique to a high-rev engine, rider can experience the sharp and thrill engine sound every time the throttle is turn on.

In terms of the body, the Ninja ZX-25R is introduced the body design philosophy and advanced structural analysis technology cultivated through the racing activities such as the Superbike World Championship*4 where KAWASAKI victory continues. The Ninja ZX-25R has excellent cornering performance in sports riding by adopting the new designed lightweight trellis frame, first advanced front suspension system “SFF-BP” in 250cc class, radial mount mono block caliper, and horizontal back link rear suspension.

It also has rider support technologies such as “KTRC (Kawasaki Traction Control)”, power mode, and KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter). The Ninja ZX-25R provides a fun riding suitable for the name Ninja ZX series.

W800 (Release on December 1)

MSRP: 9,400 USD
Color: Metallic Dark Green

The W800 is a retro model inheriting the bloodline of the “W” brand, which appeared in 1966 and led KAWASAKI to take the first step as a manufacturer of the large motorcycles. Similar to the “W800 STREET / W800 CAFE” that was released in 2018, the W800 is the most strongly followed to the looks and feeling of the original “W1”, while having the same ease of handling and high craftsmanship.

The exterior is achieved a classical and elegant looks that is reminiscent of “W1” by using chromium plating and steel parts for various parts in addition to the silver finished engine.

The rider can enjoy the throbbing and powerful engine sound of the vertical twin engine, and the relaxed handling provided by the 19 inches front wheel and 18 inches rear wheel.

The price is for reference only.

*1: SFF-BP:Separate Function Fork-Big Piston
*2: Common Design Concept of the Super Naked Z Series. It is a powerful design that incorporates the absolute sense of power produced by the crouching form caused by a fuel tank that rises like the back of a beast aiming for prey and a headlamp held low, and a tail section that is raised up boldly.
*3: KTRC (Kawasaki Traction Control System), it is a comprehensive system that works in conjunction with the power mode, and can set the traction control and output characteristics according to specific riding conditions.
*4: The world’s top road race based on production motorcycle by the International Federation of Motorcyclism (FIM).

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