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Introducing the reason why I’m riding my beloved Super Cub [Webike Motoreport]


I’m Kamada, I’m a designer

Hello! I am Kamoda I am in charge of the design at Webike. This time it is my turn to introduce my beloved motorcycle, As my senior talk about their beloved motorcycle in order. Two years after getting a license, I am still a beginner in motorcycle, but this time I would like to introduce my beloved moto “Super Cub”!

Longing for the bright red motorcycle

First of all, before I talk about the Super Cub, allow me to tell my quick introduction and how I came to ride a motorcycle.

Nickname Kamoda
Height 155cm
Motorcycle ownership history
(Ownership order from oldest)
Ninja250SL ⇒ Super Cub 110
The main fun of motorcycle Meal at the touring destination
Certificate / License Semi-Med License, Ordinary Vehicle License, Color Test Level 2
Hobbies and Skills Making dumpling and Photoshop

Two years ago, I got a motorcycle license by an aspiration to the figure of a rider I saw in the town, and I purchased my first motorcycle one year ago. As a result of comparing motorcycle from the Internet and magazines, and secretly checking other motorcycles of unknown riders, the first motorcycle I bought was the red bright Red Ninja 250SL.

At that time, I like red and longed for a form that seems to be fast, so I wanted to ride the CBR250R and went to a motorcycle shop. However, the CBR250R was red and cool, but because my height is only 155cm when I actually straddled it, I only got one leg. In addition, the vehicle weight is about 160kg it is heavy and I could not raise the motorcycle straight.
▲ CBR250R Seat height: 780mm, Vehicle Weight (Curb Weight) 161kg

I’m thinking that “this is the sweat of danger” and decided to give up the CBR250R. Still, I wanted a (red) motorcycle, and when asked the store clerk, “Is there any other cool motorcycle?” The Ninja 250SL was introduced. The Ninja 250SL has a slim seat compared to the CBR250R, and their foot grounding is different, even they have the same seat height. When I actually tried to straddle, I have the impression that it seems to be “easy to ride” because of the lightness of the body as well as having a good foot grounding.

When I already struggled, “This is it!” I thought that I will make an immediate contract on that day, lol!

▲ Ninja 250SL Seat height: 780mm, Vehicle Weight (Curb Weight) 149kg

▲ Seat height: This is the case when I straddle to 780mm *The YZF-R25 is the reference

Why did you ride a Super Cub?

When I just purchased the Ninja 250SL, I went touring everywhere for almost every week. When I noticed it, it decreased rapidly, and in the end, it was about one once a month. One of the causes is that in the position of Ninja 250SL, I began to feel that “I have a pain in my lower back and it is hard to drive when I ride for a long time”, and It was winter at that time, I couldn’t ride so much.

My thought is “I wonder if there is a motorcycle that can be ridden quickly to a nearby convenience store”, and when I was searching various motorcycles, my senior of the company introduced me to a Super Cub. As a result of consulting with various riders, I decided to let go of the Ninja 250SL and decided to transfer to the Super Cub.

▲ The Ninja250SL that I was riding before

Super Cub has seen from me as a beginner

Speaking of Super Cub, I think that it is a motorcycle that even people who do not know about the motorcycle have seen this at all.
No matter what I said, there are many people who use Super Cub in the city, such as mail delivery, and newspaper delivery, so even if you are not conscious of it, Super Cub will get into your eyes! To be honest, the Super Cub had a strong image of a “working motorcycle” and I thought that “I will never ride a Super Cub.”

However, when my senior taught me a lot about the Super Cub, I’m thinking that it is a good match for my current usages, such as no need for clutch operation and good fuel consumption. I was riding the Ninja 250SL until now, but I am still a beginner, I am not familiar with the clutch operation, and I often have to be too conscious of the clutch operation while driving. Since the Super Cub has no longer needed for clutch operation, I can enjoy the scenery during touring more than before, now that I can afford to ride. Also, when you actually own the Super Cub, It has been looked cute gradually, lol!

My foot grounding is not totally landed, but the seat height is not so high at 735mm. Personally, it is just right, and even if I am short, I can support it without difficulty.
▲ Seat Height: 735mm, Staff Height: 155cm

It’s off to the subject, but it seems that the previous owner only made the 4th speed of the indicator lamp LED, and only the 4th speed is very bright at night, (lol)! But I can understand the situation even without looking down to check the indicator, so it is convenient to end up my story here. lol!

▲ 3rd Speed (Normal)
▲ 4th Speed (LED)

I try riding a Super Cub

I’m still a beginner with regard to motorcycles, but I’ll tell you what I felt from a beginner’s point of view.

Super Cub Advantages
・Lightweight body and low seat height are safe for women.
・There is no clutch operation, but there is a gear change, so you can enjoy the operation of the motorcycle.
・Since the position is easy, you won’t get tired easily even in long touring and traffic jams.
・It’s obvious, good fuel consumption. Friendly to your wallet
→ Please check the previous senior’s article on how much the fuel economy is good.
・There is no other motorcycle that looks good in a box like this! (I’m praising)

Super Cub Disadvantages
・Since Super Cub is a small moto (second-class), it is prohibited to run on highways
・Don’t have enough storage to store a helmet.

First of all, by switching this motorcycle it made my driving dramatically easier. Since the position became easier compared to the forward tilting posture of the Ninja 250SL, it has no back pain to ride for a long time. The maintenance costs are cheap, such as good fuel consumption, consumable goods, and taxes are also good. The storage space can be eliminated by attaching a box or carrier, so I don’t think it will be a problem. However, this is unavoidable, because Super Cub cannot run on the highways, the touring is limited to downtown. Touring with friends is also going out on the downtown, lol!

Since I just got it recently, I still don’t know the real charm of the Super Cub. From now on, I would like to ride a lot and learn more about Super Cub. My future goal is to go camping touring with a super cub! After riding the Super Cub, driving has become more fun, and while the frequency of riding has increased more than in the past, I have come to think that “I want to go further!” I would like to practice more with the Super Cub and ride a Big Motorcycle someday.

Super Cub Review

Advantages and Satisfaction ・ Low seat and good foot grounding
・Since it has a comfortable position not get fatigued easily
・No difficult clutch operation
・Good fuel economy
Disadvantages and Dissatisfaction ・Can’t get on the highway
・There is no storage space if you do not attach a box.
Advice for future buyers Recommended for those who ride for the first time because there is no clutch operation. For those riders who have been riding a big motorcycle and “want to have a secondary motorcycle but don’t like scooters,” since this motorcycle is also a gear change, I recommend you to experience the sensation on this motorcycle.

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