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Installation of a new generation lead battery for motorcycles “Spiron Battery”


Tested Indonesian “Spiron Battery” produced by Okada Shoji’s own brand “AZ”. Notice the first spiral cell for two wheels.

(○) Completely sealed and no liquid leakage. Oriented to older than lithium

In recent years, although aftermarket has attracted attention for high starting power and long life, as well as lightweight lithium-ion battery, there are still problems such as unsuitable for vehicles (charging old car etc.) where charging voltage greatly rises and falls . I tried there, and it is Spiron battery which can be said as a new generation of lead.

While the electrode plate of a typical lead battery is flat, the biggest point is that the spiron is wound like a cylinder like a Baumkuchen. This widens the surface area of the electrode plate inside the battery and reduces the resistance. It is said that startability and lifespan are improved.

Spiral battery

The spiral structure (cylindrical) electrode plate like Baumkuchen has a smaller internal resistance because it has a larger surface area than a flat battery plate of a general battery.

In the test, I used the Honda NC 750S. Although lead is about 1kg lighter than genuine wearing items, it will be worth picking even this alone.

Because the position of the terminal was slightly recessed against the genuine product, I got a bit handy, but the exchange work itself was still complete in about 20 minutes.

Spiral battery

The left was a lead battery that was standard fitted to the test car (NC 750 S), which was measured to be 3.9 kg. The compatible spiron is about 2.9 kg, 34% lighter.

Spiral battery

It is frustrating when detaching the battery that the nut of the terminal is easy to drop. In the spiron, the terminal itself has a female thread cut, and the nut itself is unnecessary.

Spiral battery

To accommodate up to 5 product numbers in one size, a dedicated spacer is included. Prepare two different thicknesses separately.

Spiral battery

Because the position of the terminal is slightly recessed with respect to the standard installed battery, it is somewhat difficult to install, but it is about that which came to mind.

I will start it. The batteries that I used until the last time are within one year after replacement, so no clear difference is felt and I can not reply about lifespan immediately. However, the fact that Okada Shoji confirms all the shipped products at its own factory will be a great reliable material for buyers.

(△) Because it is lead, it is still heavy, but the negative element is not into the highest degree

A company lithium ion battery for NC 750 S is about 1.1 kg, and this spiron is about 2.9 kg. By the way the price is cheap for the latter.

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In the past, I have experienced having completely discharged a famous brand’s lithium – ion battery twice on different models, which is also a trauma for the writer Spiron is also the gospel. It is also fun to use this shape and color for custom cars.

Spiron battery [Ezette]
●Price including tax: 8100 yen ~ 16,200 yen (Tested SP 10 M is 16,200 yen)
●Size: All four species

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE(*Japanese) ]

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