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Honda will reproduce some of the repair parts of “CB750Four” for a limited time only. Webike will also accept reservations for it.


Honda has been repairing production equipment and molds since 2016 and has started activities to reproduce genuine parts of some discontinued models in cooperation with parts manufacturers.

In 2017, Honda reproduces 8 items in total for 9 parts of “CB750Four” and parts that are related to engines such as “clutch outer” and “clutch center” for CB750Four and “drive sprocket” and “driven sprocket”, “fuel tank emblem” etc. will be resold.

Those parts are order production so as to fairly supply the parts, the ordering period is from May 15, 2017 to June 6, 2017.The delivery date is clearly stated, and from December 2017, some commodities become guidance as soon as the delivery date is known.

In addition, if the number of orders does not reach the standard, reproduction may be canceled in some cases.

“Taking order wil be start on 31st May on Webike Japan.”

[Webike Shopping]
OEM Parts for CB750Four

Reproduction item list

Model Part Name Part Number MSRP (tax excluded.) Delivery Date
NSR250R Holder, Needle Jet 16165-KV3-950 ¥3,200 Around Dec. 2017
Holder, Needle Jet 16165-KV3-830 ¥3,200 Around Dec. 2017
Needle COMP., Jet C 16135-KV3-950 ¥3,900 Around Dec. 2017
Needle COMP., Jet C 16131-KV3-950 ¥3,900 Around Dec. 2017
Valve Set, Starter 16046-KV3-950 ¥5,000 Around Dec. 2017
Screw Set 16016-KV3-950 ¥1,700 Around Dec. 2017
Screw Set 16016-KV3-770 ¥1,600 Around Dec. 2017
Float Set 16013-KV3-950 ¥3,500 Around Dec. 2017
Cable COMP., Choke 17950-KV3-950 ¥3,600 Around Dec. 2017
Cable, Oil Pump 15110-KV3-950 ¥3,400 Around Dec. 2017
Cable COMP.B, Throttle 17920-KV3-950 ¥4,000 Around Dec. 2017
Cable COMP.B, Throttle 17920-KV3-830 ¥3,900 Around Dec. 2017
Cable COMP.A, ThrottleA 17910-KV3-830 ¥3,900 Around Dec. 2017
Cable COMP.A, ThrottleA 17910-KV3-950 ¥3,700 Around Dec. 2017
Tube, Oil Tank Strainer 55111-KV3-830 ¥800 Around Dec. 2017
Needle Set, Jet 16027-KV3-680 ¥3,900 *
Needle Set, Jet 16027-KV3-305 ¥7,600 *
Needle Set, Jet 16012-KV3-830 ¥3,900 *
Needle Set, Jet 16012-KV3-680 ¥3,900 *
Needle Set, Jet 16012-KV3-305 ¥6,600 *
Insulator, Carburetor 16210-KV3-950 ¥20,000 *
Insulator, Carburetor 16210-KV3-830 ¥20,000 *
CB750Four Arm B, Valve Rocker 14432-300-030 ¥5,600 Around Dec. 2017
Sprocket, Drive 23801-300-010 ¥6,600 Around Dec. 2017
Sprocket, Drive 23801-300-620 ¥5,800 Around Dec. 2017
Emblem, R. Fuel Tank 87121-300-020 ¥12,800 Around Dec. 2017
Emblem, L. Fuel Tank 87122-300-020 ¥12,800 Around Dec. 2017
Outer COMP., Clutch 22100-300-020 ¥35,100 *
Center, Clutch 22120-300-040 ¥15,300 *
Clutch Outer Spring 22151-300-000 ¥6,300 *
Sprocket, Final Driven 41201-300-870 ¥10,100 *

Original Source [ HONDA ]

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