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Honda CB1100 / EX / RS 2019 Model Change Information [CB1100 3L Tank Increase]


A neo-classical big naked, Honda CB1100 / EX / RS 2019 model change information has been announced. In CB1100, the fuel tank is increased from 14L to 17L. EX is equipped with front fork boots while RS is equipped with a damping force adjustment type rear suspension, and details are aged and each new coloring developed.

EX / RS will be released on January 11, 2019, CB 1100 will be released on January 28.

[CB110] Front Fork Improvement & 3L Tank Increase

Showa’s SDBV (Showa Dual Bending Valve) front fork that demonstrates smooth damping force characteristics is adopted for the basic type CB1100, and the fuel tank is increased from 14L of the current version to 17L.

Coupled with the fact that the wadding processed seat is also attached, you will be able to enjoy a high-quality and comfortable ride comfort even in long-distance driving. Also, regarding the exterior, the body color is dark black metallic with an intense feeling.

The engine, the front and rear fenders, the wheels and so on are black toned, and the contrast with the metallic material of each part exudes a high-quality beauty.


[2019 HONDA CB 1100: darkness black metallic •tax included price 1,231, 200 yen]

[CB 1100 EX] Fork Boots to Front Face Accents

The CB1100EX which was designed based in the European taste to CB1100, new fork boots protecting the front inner pipe are newly attached and it is an accent of the front part.

Silver paint applied to the whole engine together with high texture aluminum cleaner weaves a beautiful contrast with body color of deep texture (candy chromosphere red and pearl hawks eyeblue 2 colors).


[2019 HONDA CB1100 EX: candy chromosphere red •Tax included price 1,338,120 yen (the same below)[]


[2019 HONDA CB1100 EX: Pearl Hawks Eye Blue]

[CB1100 RS] Damping force adjustment type rear suspension is solidified

CB1100RS which added sports taste to CB1100, rear suspension with damping force adjustment function is adopted and under suspension aged. The appearance is a sporty atmosphere due to side-covers of black alumite finish with hairline finish, center stripe on the top of the flangeless fuel tank, aluminum air cleaner cover etc.

Body color is dark black metallic with a fearless impression (engine and suspension, front and rear fender, side covers etc are also unified with black keynote), urban and astringent matte beta silver metallic, calm and refreshing pearl hawks eye blue Three color development.


[2019 HONDA CB 1100 RS: Darkness black metallic •Including tax 1,378,080 yen (same as above)]


[2019 HONDA CB 1100 RS: Matt Beta Silver Metallic]


[2019 HONDA CB 1100 RS: Pearl Hawks Eye Blue]

Each model is equipped with a grip heater, ABS (anti-lock brake system), ETC 2.0 vehicle-mounted equipment as standard equipment.

Motorcycle Name CB1100EX CB1100RS CB1100
Total length (mm) 2,200 2,180 2,190
Full Width (mm) 830 800 835
Overall Height (mm) 1,130 1,100 1,130
Axle distance (mm) 1,490 1,485 1,490
Seat Height (mm) 780 785 785
Caster angle (degrees)
/Trail amount (mm)
Vehicle Weight (kg) 255 252 256
Engine Model Air cooled 4 stroke DOHC 4 valve in-line 4 cylinder
Total Displacement (cc) 1,140
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm) 73.5×67.2
Compression Ratio 9.5
Maximum output (ps / rpm) 90/7,500
Maximum torque (kgf · m / rpm) 9.3/5,500
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 16 17
Transmission Type Always mesh type 6 step return
Front Brake Hydraulic double disc
Rear Brake Hydraulic disc
Front Tire 110/80R18 120/70ZR17 110/80R18
Rear Tire 140/70R18 180/55ZR17 140/70R18

*Original Source: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ] (*Japanese)

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