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Wójcik Racing Team crossed the finish line of a Bol d’Or disrupted by bad weather in second place after putting on a spectacular show at the front. Gino Rea, who played the starring role in the race’s stunning start, will remember that September weekend on the Paul Ricard circuit forever.

After starting the race on a rain-soaked track in the saddle of Wójcik Racing Team’s Yamaha, Gino Rea put on a spectacular show in the lead. The British rider joined the Polish team at the 2019 24 Heures Motos, having previously competed in the FIM Supersport Championship. Rea led the race’s epic start from the 6th lap to his refuelling stop. His eyes still light up when he talks about the Bol d’Or.

The race started out wet, with a lot of water on the surface. I knew that I could be competitive but it was my first EWC race in the rain so I didn´t really know what to expect. Starting from tenth I made a few passes and I found myself surrounded by the factory riders/ teams and I was comfortable. Once I made my way into second, I thought it would be so cool to lead the race over the line so I made the pass on Freddy Foray. It was surreal to lead the historic Bol d’Or even just for one lap! I made one mistake where the wind caught me off guard and I braked going over a painted line into turn 1. I lost the front briefly but managed to stay upright and on the circuit. After that I told myself to just settle into my rhythm and if anyone passes me then so be it, I wasn’t going to take any big risks that early in the race just to lead. But as I settled in, somehow I managed to pull a 13 second lead! It was crazy but I felt good on the bike and knew then that we could have a strong race. It was an amazing weekend and one I’ll remember forever! When I crossed the finish line it was like a weight off my shoulders, the feeling of relief was incredible. The most enjoyable part was leading the race twice but the most satisfactory part was standing on the podium with my team mates, Christoffer Bergman and Axel Maurin, and knowing that all the hard work we put in paid off! I am still so happy for the whole Wojcik Racing team, it’s such an incredible achievement for a relatively new team. I can’t wait to be out on track again at Sepang!

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Having Eurosports Events as promotor since 2015, the world championship has witnessed a substantial increase in both media coverage, with races being broadcast worldwide, and race attendance figures, as a result of renewed interest in the sport. The championship is also attracting bigger, more international rider line-ups, with an ever-increasing number of new, high-level teams and riders signing up to compete in the FIM EWC each year.

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