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DUCATI Unveiled the “SUPERLEGGERA V4” with the Most Powerful and Advanced Technology Ever


■ The SUPERLEGGERA V4 is the most powerful and most advanced motorcycle in DUCATI history, equipped with the most advanced technology. DUCATI will be produced as a limited edition of 500 units provided with a serial number.
■ The only public road motorcycle in the world with a carbon fiber chassis, swingarm, and wheels
■ Biplane wings and ultimate aerodynamics.
■ The power per 1kg when the racing kit is installed is 1.54 hp/kg, amazing for a commercial motorcycle.
■ Production will start from Europe in June 2020 at a rate of five units per day.
■ The purchasers of the SUPERLEGGERA V4 has the opportunity to test ride the PANIGALE V4 with the factory specification of the Superbike World Championship (SBK) on the circuit and DUCATI also offers a rare opportunity to test ride the latest DESMOSEDICI GP20 competing in the MotoGP Championship.

A dream motorcycle is born in DUCATI

DUCATI has officially unveiled the SUPERLEGGERA V4, featured the most powerful and advanced technology motorcycle in history. This motorcycle is previewed exclusively for the most passionate and loyal customers of DUCATI, the motorcycle is a limited edition with only 500 units produced, with each motorcycle having a unique serial number.

The SUPERLEGGERA V4 is the only public road motorcycle with all chassis components (frames, subframes, swingarms, wheels) made from composite materials. These components reduce the weight by 6.7kg.


To ensure the highest quality and safety standards, these components are tested 100% using the advanced technologies from the aerospace industry, such as thermography, ultrasound, and tomography.

Chassis dimensions have been modified by increasing the length of the swingarm to optimize circuit performance. As a result, unparalleled deceleration force, faster leaning angles and build-up have been realized.

The level of performance is achieved extremely high, and the DUCATI official test rider Alessandro Valia tested the SUPERLEGGERA V4 on the Mugello circuit equipped with a racing kit and slick tires and got a record time of 1minute 52.45 seconds. This is a phenomenal time of less than 2 seconds compared to the lap time set by Michele Pirro, who won the 2019 title at the Italian Motor Speed Championship (CIV) in the PANIGALE V4R SBK specification.

Many components are made of carbon fiber molded into the advanced aerodynamic shape. This included fairing provides aerodynamic performance equal to or greater than the current MotoGP machines. Inspired by the 2016 Ducati MotoGP machine that performed the best in the field of aerodynamics, the “biplane wing” produces 50kg downforce when driven at a speed of 270km/h. This is 20kg greater than the downforce generated by the wings of the PANIGALE V4 MY20 and V4 R. This downforce countering the tendency of wheel-up, improving acceleration performance and stability during braking.

The carbon fiber fairing is inspired by the DESMOSEDICI GP19 which features an impressive color scheme with combined carbon-based emphasizing the shape of materials and technical details of the GP19 machine.

Inside the fairings is a lighter and more powerful DESMOSEDICI STRADALE R engine than ever before. The 998cc 90° V4-cylinder engine mounted on the SUPERLEGGERA V4 is 2.8kg lighter than the 1,103cc V4-cylinder engine of the PANIGALE V4 / V4 S. The engine generates 224ps in a public road configuration thanks to the type-approved AKRAPOVIC exhaust (EU certified value). The value can be increased to 234ps by installing the AKRAPOVIC titanium exhaust special to circuit riding.


The racing characteristic of the engine is further enhanced by the use of the dry clutch and the expert manual adjustment of the Desmodromic timing system.

The engine calibration is installed specifically for the racing exhaust, a special “RaceGP” display mode will be available for the SUPERLEGGERA V4. Designed specifically for the circuit, the display mode is directly derived from the instrument panel of the DESMOSEDICI GP20 and is based on valuable feedback from MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso.

SUPERLEGGERA V4 uses a lot of carbon fiber, titanium, and magnesium as well as machined aluminum components, achieving the dry weight of only 159kg (16kg less than the Panigale V4) and the power per 1kg of weight reaches to 1.41ps/kg. A record-breaking for public road sport motorcycles. The racing kit is installed and made into a circuit specification, the maximum output is increased to 234ps, the weight is reduced to 152.2kg, and the power per 1kg of weight is increased to 1.54ps / kg.

A special electronic control system was also developed to enhance the performance on the circuit. The operating parameters of each system are associated with three reprogrammed Riding Modes (Race A, Race B, and Sport). For the first time, there are 5 additional Riding Modes that can be personalized to suit the rider’s preferences. The riders can monitor their lap times using the latest version of the lap timer, which records the finish line coordinates and interval session times for 5 different circuits. This feature allows the rider to easily recalled each circuit lap without repeating the setup procedure of the finish line and section coordinates. The default system settings include the finish line / interval coordinates of the 5 circuits of: Laguna Seca, Mugello, Jerez, Sepang, and Losail.

In addition, the DUCATI Traction Control (DTC) and DUCATI Quick Shift (DQS) up / down of the electronics package are evolved into the latest generation of EVO 2.

Other standard features include the lightweight OHLINS suspension system with a pressurized forks and a machined aluminum fork bottoms, and a titanium shock absorber with a hydraulic valve derived from MotoGP that improves the absorption of unevenness and undulation on the road during the initial compression phase.

The brake system is equipped with a top-of-the-line BREMBO system. This includes the MCS caliper with the function of remotely adjusted the lever gap and the Stylema® R caliper exclusive for the SUPERLEGGERA V4, which have the advantage that the pull of the brake lever does not change even if the lap is repeated on the circuit.

In addition, the special ignition key with an aluminum radiator cap and aluminum insert showing the motorcycle serial number catches the attention of the details.

The new model will be limited to 500 units only and all motorcycles are have a serial number accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. This also clearly shows the uniqueness of materials and technical solutions. The motorcycle serial number is (XXX / 500), which matches the chassis number (VIN), is engraved on the frame, top bridge, and ignition key.

In Europe, start of delivery is planned from June 2020. The motorcycle requires very complex manufacturing processes for many components, the production is limited to just 5 motorcycles per day. However, all motorcycles will be produced within 2020.

SUPERLEGGERA customers will have the opportunity to purchase premium leather suits with built-in airbags and carbon fiber helmet (both exclusive to SUPERLEGGERA V4). Both products reflect the colors and graphics of the motorcycle. The leather suit is manufactured by DAINESE, combine strength and lightness with the D-air® airbag system for high safety. Similarly, the meticulously crafted ARAI helmet made of aeronautical-grade carbon fiber offers exceptional safety and comfort.

The package that prepared by DUCATI for the enthusiasts who purchased the SUPERLEGGERA V4 is to have an opportunity of an “SBK Experience”, allowing the owners to test ride the PANIGALE V4 R, and compete in the Superbike World Championship (SBK) at the Mugello Circuit. In addition, 30 of the SUPERLEGGERA V4 owners can enjoy the “MotoGP experience”, a special opportunity to achieve the dreams of all motorcycle enthusiasts. The program offers the first ever DUCATI opportunity to test ride the DESMOSEDICI GP20 on the circuit, driven by the MotoGP official riders Andrea Dovizioso and Danilo Petrucci. During the test ride, the DUCATI Corse technicians will provide close support.

These special events will be a valuable experience as this new DUCATI model. The SUPERLEGGERA V4 is the ultimate motorcycle designed and developed to achieve the highest circuit performance, comply with the regulations for riding on the public roads, and ensure durability and rider convenience.

With the SUPERLEGGERA V4, DUCATI break the traditional limit of motorcycle. The ever-evolving technology and expertise developed at MotoGP is constantly being the fed back to the market for all the enthusiasts who love motorcycle enginerring and performance.

Original Source [ DUCATI ]

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