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DIY! How to Reduce Handlebar Vibration of Vintage Motorcycles by Latest OEM Parts


Among popular models, there were “genuine parts” boasted high popularity that they had a nickname. For example, the KAWASAKI Z2 is equipped with a fashionable resin-made rearview mirror as a standard, which is commonly known as the”Z2 mirror”.

The Z2 mirror is known as the rearview mirror loved by many motorcycle custom fans. In this article, I will show the application of an OEM parts diversion customizing.

1. The “inner” weights of the handlebar ends that reduces the vibration of vintage motorcycle’s rearview mirrors


The handlebar end weights are equipped as the parts to counteract the fine vibration of the rearview mirrors and the handlebar. The handlebar ends are indispensable parts for the racer replica and super sports that are equipped with clip-on handlebars, but depending on the model, there is also an OEM parts built in the pipe handlebar.

2. Weights that can be used for the vintage motorcycle’s bar handle


The subject here is the inner weights purchased as a genuine part for the CBR600F, but the installation of inner weights for other models depends on the idea. It seems that the parts number was for the CBR400RR of the ’80s to ’90s.


The non-slip rubbers are inserted in the front and rear of the weights so that the weights do not move inside the handlebars. The rubbers and the end parts serve to stop slippage of the assembled parts.


There is also a countermeasure of incorporating the inner weights if feeling an uncomfortable fine vibration in the bar handle models.

3. Set the weights inside the pipe handlebar


The existence of the weights cannot be seen if the grips are attached in this state. When removing the inner weights once incorporated, it is better to use a sliding hammer.


When removing the inner weight once incorporated, it is better to use a sliding hammer. The tool used here is an OEM special tool of YAMAHA to extract the rocker arm shaft of the engine.


By incorporating weights inside the pipe handle, unpleasant fine vibrations can be counteracted. Take this countermeasure when you get bothered by vibration.


In the 1980s, the clip ons were lifted the ban, and the clip ons were standard equipment as a matter of course. At the same time as the emergence of the clip ons, many models equipped standardly with huge bar end weights have appeared. Why have we needed bar end weights? The first reason is to prevent the handlebar end from becoming a sharp part as a safety measure in case of falling down, the second reason is “vibration countermeasures”.

By incorporating heavy and big weights at the bar ends, it plays the role of effectively canceling running vibration and engine vibration by the weight. There are many cases where the rearview mirrors get fine vibration due to the running vibration, and it deteriorates the rearview, but for custom motorcycles and vintage motorcycles, the vibration will disappear when the mirror is touched with the fingertip and the rearview will improve. Among the rearview mirrors, there are a band clamp type rearview mirrors that mount the stem on the handlebar, but the reason for clamping the band was that there was also “vibration countermeasure” apart from the design.

One well-known countermeasure of the rearview mirror vibration is to attach the tire weight. There is also a countermeasure of reducing the fine vibration of rearview mirrors by attaching a tire weight to the rearview mirror body.

Among some sports models equipped clip ons, there are some models that have “inner weights” inside the handle pipe, more precisely, inside the left and right grips because handlebar end weight may not be enough. If there are such inner weights, it is also possible to suppress the fine vibration by adding the weight while maintaining the normal appearance. The HONDA CB750 that is a vintage motorcycle introduced here is an example of an “OEM diversion custom” that uses inner weights to reduce fine vibration.


If there is running vibration or fine vibration in the bar handle for the vintage motorcycle which is produced before the ’70s, you can reduce the unpleasant fine vibration without changing the appearance by incorporating inner weights. Let’s try.

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