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DIY! How to Apply Heat Treatment for Motorcycle Maintenace


Motorcycle maintenance and heat are inextricably linked. In order to remove the stuck bolt, heat is sometimes applied with a burner, and the Gun-Kote paint that can withstand the heat generated by motorcycles requires heat treatment.

If there is a dryer that can handle such heat efficiently and safely, the range of maintenance and customizing will greatly expand. Let’s talk about the drying machine.

While cooking toaster is often common in the utmost size with a double layer, the CV-Junior made by CARVEK has a double layer structure as shown in the photo.

In the case of the HONDA 4 mini model, the crankcase set can be dried both vertical and horizontal. Not to mention the setting up of parts to get rid of dirt, it is ideal for warming up parts before assembling! The low press fit of the bearing enters smoothly.

1. The key point is to use thermal expansion!!


Heat is essential in order to make delicious dish.

In the same way, the use of heat is an important point in motorcycle maintenance. When there are bolts that hard to loosen, the bolts can be easily loosened by applying heat around the bolts with a gas burner or heating some parts with warm air from a heater.

In addition, it is possible to penetrate the lubricant sprayed deep into the screw thread by heating the bolt. In other words, heat can be used in various ways.


If there is a dryer that keeps a wide internal capacity, it is definitely possible to obtain good efficiency workability. The CV-Junior that has been released from CARVEK, it is a nice tool to enhance such maintainability.

As shown in the above photo, CV-Junior has a double layer structure with 2 wire mesh shelves and 2 aluminum trays that can be placed with small parts. The presence of a simple thermometer is also encouraging. Check the actual temperature against the set temperature with the dial, and it is good to fine-tune the heat by dial setting.

The difference from the kitchen toaster is that the timer can be set up to 1 hour!! There is also a mode where you can leave the switch on. There is also a temperature adjustment dial, and it is possible to set the temperature from normal temperature to 200 degrees or more.


By combining the simple thermometer of the attached equipment, it is possible to check the real temperature.


・The heat shows an overwhelming performance when loosening bolts and nuts that are stuck or slightly tangled.
・Even with just an industrial heater like hairdryer, it makes motorcycle maintenance at ease!

Click here for the CARVEK CV-Junior

2. It is possible to bake-drying even in a potbelly stove!


Prior to the appearance of the high-temperature drying machine that is convenient to use, a potbelly stove was used, placed a 20-liter empty pail can, and parts were forcibly dried inside. When using a commercially available indirect thermometer, it is possible to measure the heating temperature of parts in real time, and it is possible not only for Gun-Kote painting but also crystal painting. Temperature adjustment can be done by thermal power adjustment.

By painting the cylinder head cover or crankcase cover in different colors, you can claim individuality and create a unique customizations. In particular, the Gun-Kote paint is extremely excellent in heat resistance, gasoline resistance, brake fluid resistance, and solvent resistance (basic conditions to complete baking) and the best finish is guaranteed by performing a reliable setup and undertreatment. Especially, since motorcycles and gasoline are inseparable, special paint can be applied to the carburetor as well as the engine itself and engine parts.

The application of the Gun-Kote paint spreads as shown in the photo!


・The Gun-Kote paint forms an excellent coating film against gasoline and brake fluid, which are inseparable from motorcycles.
・Since it is one-pack and can be toned, it is possible to make an original color.


There are also tricks and techniques to spray Gun-Kote paint after warming up the parts such as using an industrial heater instead of painting the normal temperature parts. In order to calm down the surface of the sprayed coating, it may be effective to preheat it lightly with a heater.


Since the STD engine had a gray finishing, I painted gray using the approximate color of the Gun-Kote paint. Since the carburetor achieved high performance by OEM diversion tuning, the carburetor was completely disassembled and with a bright brass finishing.

The special carburetor has been completed!

3. Heat is required to completely dry the Gun-Kote paint.


Complete drying is the way to a perfect finishing

・Wait for a few minutes to allow the paint to dry naturally after completion.
・Place the painted parts into the dryer and set the temperature to 180 degrees.
・When the temperature does not increase like in winter season, temporarily set the maximum temperature.
・The Gun-Kote paint that remains in the cup of the paint gun must be returned back to the paint can.
*When the dirt sneaks in, use a filter paper to clean up the dirt.*

・While checking the thermometer, set the drying time to 60 minutes when the temperature reaches 180 degrees.
*The dial setting temperature was set to slightly over 180 degrees celsius. The fine adjustment was made using a simple thermometer.*

・After 60 minutes, it is “naturally cooled”.

The hard “persistent ○○ painting” is completed!

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