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Complete TANAX Field Seat Bag Review


The best match for camp touring for 2 days and 1 night!

We would like to review the TANAX field seat bag. The staff who love TANAX bags have used up everything from the installation method to loading capacity in the camp touring!

Table of Contents [Click the title to the part you want to read↓]


To describe the characteristics of field seat bag in one word, it expresses its “versatility.” It’s a great point to go on various touring with one bag!

1. Perfect Size for a Wide Range of Touring

If you are going to spend a night touring, you should definitely equip with seat bag. TANAX has a lineup of seat bag with a variety of capacities to suit the application. I use a variety of size of in-vehicle backpack, but to be honest, if I have a field seat bag to introduce I think it is possible to go with any kind of touring in the future.


39L to 59L Capacity Varies by Baggage

Are you familiar with TANAX seat bag? However, this field seat bag can also vary in capacity. The standard capacity is 39L. It is possible to extend both side up to additional 20L to 59L by 10cm. This is surprisingly convenient, expansion pear to less luggage touring such as hotel accommodation. If you put a souvenir, it will be extended.

It can be expanded from the beginning to the touring with a lot of luggage, such as camp touring, 59L usage, and can achieve the right size to match the amount of luggage. If you load a small amount of luggage against a large back, the shape of the back will tend to collapse by all means, but this will prevent to some extent.


Can also be loaded back to the top!

It has a maximum capacity of 59L, but it can actually be loaded a little more. The upper part of the field seat bag is equipped with a cord to tie the luggage so that it can be loaded in advance.

In addition, there is a D-ring that can fix a touring net (sold separately) for those who are still not enough. With all this, you can achieve a considerable payload.


However, let’s load it within the range of the height that can be safely run. By the way, such loading can also be used in conjunction well with the rear carrier.

This is the front side of the touring net to the D-Ring of the field seat bag, the rear side is tied to the rear carrier of the motorcycle. The center of gravity is lower than it is vertically stacked, so you feel more stable.

It is also equipped with a belt that can be loaded with a roll mat.


Save Quietly With a Drink Holder

It may be surprising, but it saves me. This is the best drink holder I have ever used. Whenever you go touring, you always drink, especially long distances.

At that time, the plastic bottle is basically not cut off by a single rest, so I loaded it and started riding, but it is a bit of a hassle to open the back and screw it, and I am worried about falling when I wrap it around the net.

It’s very convenient to have a drink holder, because you can put it there without worrying about it. You can quickly take it out at the next rest. You can also use it to put a little sweets, a handkerchief or a towel.


Click Here to Purchase a Field Seat Bag



・39L to 59L capacity varies by baggage

・Can be loaded further by loading on the back

・Drink holders are also available


2. Actual Installation / Loading the Field Seat Bag

I tried loading it into a neoclassic scooter called PEUGEOT DJANGO. This scooter weighs 125cc but, it was surprisingly large and I felt that it was too large to load. I tend to think that scooters are used as street motorcycle, but they’re also really cool with touring! Of course, the field seat bag that I have been impressed with this time can be loaded without any problems other than the scooter.


Loading to the vehicle is easy by simply connecting the 4 belts.

The field seat bag is attached and detached through 4 in-vehicle belts. Loading is completed only with this belt, so you do not need any extra tools or bracket!

First, install this belt near the motorcycle seat.

Since the end of the belt on the side of the motorycycle has become a loop shape, it can be attached by simply passing the belt to the poop part after passing once, such as grab bar or load hooks. It is not necessary to tie.

In case you want stability, tension is applied and it increase more stability when the belt is attached to the motorcycle side as far as possible.

In the case of a motorycle without load hooks, there are also plates that can be added with additional hook just by holding them in the license plate, so this is recommended.

Click Here for Plate Hook 3


Just connect the buckle of the seat bag and belt after the attachment to the body side has been completed!

Finally, adjust the length of the belt and apply moderate tension to complete loading. If you get used to explaining this kind of procedure well, you will tend to use to say a few minutes, but you can load it about 3 minutes even if you are not accustomed to it. It can be loaded while making cup noodles.

It is also convenient if you want to simply unload and use your luggage when you are touring because it’s easy to attach and detach.



・Mounting method without special tool or bracket required

・Versatility for installing in various models

・Easy to attach and detach, easily load and unload even on the touring destination


Don’t forget to handle the extra belt.

When loading is complete, be sure to handle the extra belt length adjustment. It is very dangerous to hit a motorcycle if you leave the extra belt length hanging while riding! And, it’s really not cool.


3 ways to handle the extra belt that you absolutely want to do

1. Tie under the body seat and roll it in a rope

This method is to avoid ordinary trouble. However, it does not make sense to solve it while riding, so let’s not forget to roll tightly.


2. Using the Belt Stopper MP-295

By using an optional MP-295 Belt Stopper, it can be arrange neatly. The MP-295 is a small piece of velcro tape, and just use belt to tie it together.


Click Here for Belt Stopper


3. Cutting Off

If you do not use it in other vehicles, it can be cut off! If you want to use it in other vehicles, it is safe because the belt is sold separately. It is recommended to cut lightly to prevent worn at the edge.

In addition, when installing seat bag it may damage the rear body or belt and scratch the frame depending on the fairing shape. If you want to prevent fairing from getting damaged, it is good to use a protector seat to avoid scratch!


Click Here for Protector Seat


3. Actual Touring with Field Seat Bag

First, I tried loading a 59L capacity

The maximum field seat bag capacity is 59L, which is the same as the STD capacity of the camping seat bag… but it’s not really a good idea to actually load. So I tried to test how much I could actually load. It is also loaded at the top of the back since we are challenging the limit capacity of loading.

The result is..basically what things to use for camp touring you can put everything! I was able to load a tarp and a tripod, so I was able to camp comfortably. In the case of summer camp, the clothing is relatively small, but in the case of winter, there may be a need to select a little luggage, choose a compact gear, and so on. But in the summer it’s no problem!

If you’re going to take this much, you can afford to travel a week at a hotel.


▲ We had a PCX125 and 2 seats with a seatshell case, but we were able to have a fulfilling camp.

The riding stability is also perfect

▲ Full face helmet can be loaded with a large capacity, of course with good luck

I was riding on the usual mountain slopes (pass) and in the city and light off-road. It is a field seat bag that can be loaded easily, but there was no shaking or displacement to be worried about when riding. I think it’s a good idea to have a 4 points belt that fits the seat properly because the bottom of the back is right there. Some riders occasionally drop or lean over while traveling, but that’s basically irrelevant.

The field seat bag, as its name suggests, is loaded on top of the carrier. But, I think that it is good to pinch the anti-slip because it is slightly slippery although it does not fall depending on the thing. For vehicles with extremely small rear seats, a slight effort may be required. In that case, if you increase the fixed force in the tie belt that is released from the market tie-down and TANAX, it can be loaded without any movement.

Click Here for Power Tie Belt



・If you have a 59L, you can camp with a tent and a tarp.

・No blurring or misalignment during riding

・Versatile enough to accommodate from 1 to 2 nights camp


Everything is “Just Perfect”. You should buy it!

I’ve tried a lot of touring bag before, but I haven’t seen yet a backpack that wins this kind of product in terms of versatility.

It is true that there is an exclusive to each situation in terms of capacity, but they are “in a certain field”. Many users will find that the field seat bag is sufficient to handle a variety of touring situations, from one night touring to camping touring, while keeping the functionality and capacity of the field seat bag.

The versatility to handle a variety of vehicle models and touring situations was truly an excellent product of TANAX. You should buy it!

Click Here for Field Seat Bag

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