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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show European and American brand

BMW Ducati Harley Davidson Moto Guzzi/PIAGGIO Information provided by Webike China
IMG_20200919_115254-473x266.jpg Motorcycle

China Chongqing Motorcycle Show SUZUKI

Suzuki, as one of the four largest Japanese factories in the world, has performed fairly well in the Chinese market in recent years. Although it also has a large number of fans in China, many classi...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show Xiangshuai

Xiangshuai Heavy Machinery may not be familiar to everyone, but everyone knows the construction group. The construction of Yamaha is almost a well-known brand in China. As a sub-brand of Jianshe, Xi...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show Qianjiang

The strength of QJMOTOR as the largest booth in the N3 exhibition hall of this year's Motor Expo should not be underestimated. Qianjiang released 8 models at one go, including imitation, retro, and ...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show Japanese brand

HONDA KAWASAKI KAWASAKI has attached great importance to the Chinese market in the past few years, and 4S stores have blossomed across the country. According to official data, there are 37 ...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show Chinese brand

Morocr (MOROCR) Benda (BENDA) Information provided by Webike China
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show Benelli

The Benelli brand has always appeared in front of the public as an independent brand after being acquired by Geely Group. The Huanglong series (Huanglong TNT600) launched in the past few years has w...
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The Modern Hunter Cub “CT125” Customised to Neo-Classic by DAYTONA

The Super Cub is very popular in the 4-mini bikes now! Amidst such a boom, the CT125 Hunter Cub is now available at last. DAYTONA dared to change the rear carrier, which features a heavy-duty atmosphe...
Ninja-H2-2.jpg Motorcycle

Custom Parts for Ninja H2 of TRICKSTAR That Has Been Thoroughly Trained in the World’s Races

We introduce TRICKSTAR custom parts for the popular Ninja H2! TRICKSTAR products have been developed through competitions such as the fastest challenge and the Taste of Tsukuba. All products are real...
top-1.jpg Concept

Is it a Collecting Pipe? CB750FOUR (1971) Monkey 125 Concept with YOSHIMURA Racer as a Motif

YOSHIMURA Japan deals with a wide range of parts, from undercarriage parts to exterior parts including exhaust systems. They have also been actively participating in racing activities and the 1971 CB7...
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DOREMI Custom Parts for the Z900RS

DOREMI COLLECTION has established a solid position as a prestigious repro parts for old motorcycle, but not only that. Taking advantage of the technology cultivated in the development of repro parts, ...
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Drawing Closer to the Secret of Customized New KATANA by GALE SPEED!

KATANA '19 "NEW GENERATION FIGHTER" It's the street fighter with sharp riding and appearance. It has been embodied the KATANA with its newness in appearance while paying tribute to the style of the o...
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5 Popular Motorcycle Made by AELLA, a Machined Aluminum Parts Manufacturer!

AELLA is a long-established brand with a history of nearly 30 years, founded in 1991 in Fushimi, Kyoto. The parent organization is Kasuno Motor Cycle Co., Ltd., represented by Masaharu Kasuno, who was...
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ZRX1200 DAEG made by HYPERPRO is a “SUPERSPORT PACKAGE” Balances Gentle Riding and High Athletic Performance

This ZRX1200 DAEG strengthens and reduces the undercarriage centering on the evolved rear shock (DP-S). It is a model that aims to achieve both the gentle riding style unique to naked motorcycle and...
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[REBEL & V-STROM] 2 Custom Motorcycles on Display at KIJIMA’s Web Motorcycle Show!

The motorcycle parts comprehensive development manufacturer KIJIMA marks its 62nd anniversary with the catchphrase, "challenge for advanced performance," a challenge to take further development that f...
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Looking Back on DOREMI COLLECTION Neo Classic Exterior Kit! ZEPHYR Transforms into Legend Z2 and FX!

The DOREMI COLLECTION handles a wide range of restore and repro parts, centered on the vintage model Z1. The DOREMI COLLECTION is an important brand for riders who is treasuring their vintage motorcyc...
monkey125parisdakar_main_image.jpg Concept

MONKEY 125 Paris Dakar Specifications! The Concept Custom Model by Dart Freak is Hot.

The modified version of the MONKEY 125 Off-road is designed by Dart Freak. This MONKEY 125 was built with the motif of the XL125R / 250R Paris Dakar released in 1982. Its front and rear fenders, tank,...
suzuki2020wmcs_gx_16-1.jpg Motorcycle

[Web Motorcycle Show] SUZUKI Booth

SUZUKI is a leading motorcycle manufacturer in Japan celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020. It has a history of introducing many cutting-edge technologies while producing hit products by origina...
honda2020wmcs_top.jpg Concept

[Web Motorcycle Show] HONDA Booth

HONDA has a long history as a motorcycle manufacturer. The HONDA Spirits, which have been inherited down from generation to generation, live in HONDA vehicle, which were lined up in ...
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