New and customized Motorcycle announced at Web Motorcycle Show.

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Foreign Manufacturers are Not to be Outdone! Look Out for “Lambretta” and “Fantic”, Two Brands that Embody the Modern Classic Style! [WMS2021]

Japan is a country with four motorcycle brands, but if you look around the world, there are many motorcycle manufacturers and many unique models. Here I will introduce two Italian manufacturers, Lambr...
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New Hayabusa Review | Like a Custom Made? The New Hayabusa has 18 Color Patterns to Choose From! [WMS2021]

The New Hayabusa, a mega-sport with a different dimension of athletic performance, is attracting attention on a global scale! The Hayabusa is an Ultimate Sports Motorcycle that excels at ultra-high sp...
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The 125cc Class Authentic Bobber has Landed in Japan! Thorough Review of the “GV125S BOBBER” from its Specs to its Suspension and Riding Performance! [WMS2021]

From neighboring Korean motorcycle manufacturer Hyosung comes the GV125S BOBBER, a 125cc model equipped with a liquid-cooled SOHC 60-degree V-twin in an authentic Bobber-style body! It's got a drivin...
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Kawasaki ZX-25R Responds to the Dawn of a New Era with a Roar [WMS2021]

That high-pitched exhaust note is back! Kawasaki debuts 250cc full cowl sportbike with completely redesigned, ultra-high revving 4-cylinder engine. Let's take a look at a machine that has a lot of the...
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Ride Around the Globe! New Models of KTM and Husqvarna are Hot this Year! [WMS2021]

While road motorcycles have become widely known in recent years, KTM has been active in a number of races, including motocross, enduro and rally, and its machines are as powerful as its image and surp...
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Review of the “Rebel 1100DCT”, the Eldest Sibling of the Popular Rebel! This is the New Normal of the Cruiser World [WMS2021]

The Honda Rebel 250/500 is a cruiser model with modern styling and is supported by a wide range of riders due to its excellent ease of handling. The flagship model, the Rebel 1100, is now available. W...
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Is this Year’s Trend a Middle Sport? A Lot of Assassins from Europe Appeared in the Middle Displacement! [WMS2021]

Last year, not only the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, but also the EICMA (Milan Show), Intermot (Cologne Show) and other world's leading motorcycle trade fairs were cancelled. However, motorcycle manufacture...
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The M1000RR’s Specialness is Amazing! A Review of BMW’s Hottest Models for 2021! [WMS2021]

The current motorcycle boom is not limited to Japan, but is global in scope. The market is booming, with foreign manufacturers eagerly releasing new models. Recently, there are more and more models th...
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The Long-established Brand of Custom Parts, AELLA Introduces 6 Custom Motorcycles at Once [WMS2021]

AELLA pursues not only the superior functionality of motorcycle parts but also the pleasure of ownership. The company has introduced high-precision cutting machines to ensure high precision and qualit...
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A New Wind of Excitement for DUCATI this Year – New Model Lineup for 2021! [WMS2021]

The year 2021 could be a milestone year for DUCATI. The flagship Panigale V4SP & Streetfighter V4S models are now available. The Monster, which has done away with the trellis frame, and the Multis...
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Imported Motorcycle Life is Easy to Start! SYM Offers Scooters as well as Adventure Lineups! [WMS2021]

Japan is home to four major motorcycle manufacturers, led by Honda. However, if you expand your eyes to the rest of the world, you will find that there are still many motorcycle manufacturers, and the...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show Models!

SHOW GIRL Information provided by Webike China
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Biggest auto show in Asia! China Chongqing Motorcycle Show

The 18th China International Motorcycle Expo 2020 will be held on September 19, 2020 – Held at the Chongqing International Expo Center on the 22nd, this annual motorcycle industry event is not...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show! CYCLONE

In the motorcycle industry, Zongshen is also considered the big brother. Although it was not so loud in many brands before, there are still some qualifications, and they have been working quietly in...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show! CFMOTO

CFMOTO (Chunfeng), as the new darling of China's motorcycle market in recent years, is certainly indispensable for the opportunity to show up like this at the Chongqing Motor Expo. Although Chunfeng...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show VOGE

Although VOGE is a brand with less than two years of debut, it has ambitions and is determined to become China's first-class high-end locomotive brand. It can also be seen from the name of the brand...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show European and American brand

BMW Ducati Harley Davidson Moto Guzzi/PIAGGIO Information provided by Webike China
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show SUZUKI

Suzuki, as one of the four largest Japanese factories in the world, has performed fairly well in the Chinese market in recent years. Although it also has a large number of fans in China, many classi...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show Xiangshuai

Xiangshuai Heavy Machinery may not be familiar to everyone, but everyone knows the construction group. The construction of Yamaha is almost a well-known brand in China. As a sub-brand of Jianshe, Xi...
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China Chongqing Motorcycle Show Qianjiang

The strength of QJMOTOR as the largest booth in the N3 exhibition hall of this year's Motor Expo should not be underestimated. Qianjiang released 8 models at one go, including imitation, retro, and ...
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