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[Brands worth knowing] GALE SPEED

High quality parts used in top races are now available for street. GALE SPEED is working hard to make motorcycle and rider into one.
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[Brands worth knowing] KIJIMA

KIJIMA is a universal mortocycle parts manufacturer in Japan. Some products are picked by models of Harley, HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI
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[Brands worth knowing] OVER RACING

OVER RACING has a pretty good reputation in Japanese local riders. Especially their exhaust systems by models: Z900RS, MONKEY 125, ZX-25R, Ninja-H2..
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[Brands worth knowing] PMC

PMC means Performance Motorcycle Creative, a JAPANESE BRAND
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The Work Behind the Scenes! A Quick Reference List of Ball Bearings!

Many bearings are used in motorcycles, including wheels and engine parts. The types and areas of use are roughly as follows. Typical applications Ball bearings: wheels, crankshafts, etc. Needle r...
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Do Motorcycles Need to be Warmed Up in the Summer? Is it Required or Not? Improper Warming Up Can Damage the Engine!

Everyone feels that warming up the motorcycle would be better in cold weather. But what if it's hot in the summer? If you park the motorcycle in direct sunlight, the surface will be too hot to touch. ...
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Did You Know that DID is Also Famous for its Rims? Let’s Venture into DID’s Rim Factory!

DID boasts a dominant share of the motocross market with their high strength competition aluminum rims, the DIRT STAR. Yes, DID is not only a manufacturer of chains, but they are also a manufacturer o...
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DID Factory Tour: Why Doesn’t DID Make Color Chains? We asked a simple question to the person in charge.

OGA" is famous as a stunt rider, and recently he has been enjoying the tough forest roads, which are distributed on Youtube as "OGA Channel", so many of you may have seen it. OGA is conducting an unde...
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I want one of these! Ape modified CB90 by Kaimeika.0F completed

At the Taste of Tucuba on May 8-9, 2021, the Spencer-colored Ape CustomCB90.0Fwas displayed at the exhibition. This is "Mr..This is the completed form of the custom project by the celebrity Ms. Kaie ...
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What’s So Great About the Popular Sunstar Chain?

Chains and sprockets have their own chemistry.When it comes to motorcycle chains, there is no doubt that DID, EK, and RK are the three leading manufacturers. Then, in 2021, Sunstar chains appeared lik...
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Summary of the Different Types of Brembo Brake Disc Rotors and Its Differences [Latest for 2021]

After reading about Brembo brake calipers and master cylinders, I have finally made it to the introduction of brake disc rotors. To be honest, I've been learning a lot while writing about it. There ar...
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The strongest in winter! Electric heating item “RS TAICHI e-HEAT series”.

Here are the products we are introducing this time!! RS TAICHI e-HEAT Series
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[Make your bike look Instagram-worthy] “MOTUL car wash chemicals” you should use before taking photos – complete version

Instagramming? What you can do before shooting your bike? I heard that Motul's car wash chemicals are super good!
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What is Mineral Oil Like Synthetic Oil? Is it Best for Old Motorcycles? | Weekly Review

This is Webike "Review" section, where we collect riders' "real voices". You can submit any kind of motorcycle products or custom parts that you want to buy on Webike, and we will ...
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More Street Body Parts are Coming! Magical Racing Releases New Cowl for the CBR1000RR-R! [WMS2021]

The supersport CBR1000RR-R was developed to win races. Magical Racing has released body parts that make this track machine easy to handle on the street. Street body parts for high-performance super s...
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[Summary Article: Part 2] New Hayabusa, Yoshimura short tube for ZX-25R and more! |Webike Motorcycle Show 2021

A digest of eight of the hottest articles from the ongoing Webike Motorcycle Show 2021! New articles in a wide range of genres, from the hottest new models to revolutionary bags for camp touring! F...
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Honda/EV kit for the Kabu, too! Let’s review the latest news in our electric motorcycle line-up!

The global effort to become carbon neutral has become a hot topic, and the motorcycle industry is no stranger to this. The conventional image of electric mobility has focused on issues such as infrast...
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What is the Effect of AS Uotani, the Mainstay of Ignition System Tuning?

What is it for? How does it work? Ignition system to maximize the potential of your motorcycle The three most important factors in a fuel engine are a good mixture, good compression, and a good spark....
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It’s done! I can take care of a little scratch with a stylus!

There are always a lot of traps lurking in the shadows of an enjoyable motorcycle life. Red light, stop and try to get to your feet, there is no ground ....... Gush! In the morning, I was trying to h...
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What is the purpose of steering damper?

The steering damper that fast people usually use ...... seems to be. It's also on motoGP machines, and it's standard equipment on high-powered bikes.If only I could put that thing on, I'd be ...... d...
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