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[Brands worth knowing] GALE SPEED

High quality parts used in top races are now available for street. GALE SPEED is working hard to make motorcycle and rider into one.
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[Brands worth knowing] KIJIMA

KIJIMA is a universal mortocycle parts manufacturer in Japan. Some products are picked by models of Harley, HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI
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[Brands worth knowing] OVER RACING

OVER RACING has a pretty good reputation in Japanese local riders. Especially their exhaust systems by models: Z900RS, MONKEY 125, ZX-25R, Ninja-H2..
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How to Effectively Remove Carbon with High-Performance Chemicals Rather than Wasting Time?

Being a Sunday mechanic who enjoys more in-depth maintenance, I try out various tools as well as chemicals and ask myself, "Isn't it better if I do this? "Wouldn't it be better if I did that? You will...
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[Brands worth knowing] PMC

PMC means Performance Motorcycle Creative, a JAPANESE BRAND
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Clutch Slippage is Your Worst Enemy! Check Your Clutch Related Parts if You Feel Any Discomfort!

When starting and accelerating, do you find that the engine speed is strangely high? Or, the engine speed increases and does not accelerate strongly? The clutch unit is one of the factors that should ...
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The Work Behind the Scenes! A Quick Reference List of Ball Bearings!

Many bearings are used in motorcycles, including wheels and engine parts. The types and areas of use are roughly as follows. Typical applications Ball bearings: wheels, crankshafts, etc. Needle r...
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AS UOTANI SPII Full Power Kit Brings Out the Best Performance of the Engine with Its Exclusive Design for Each Motorcycle Model

The size of the spark generated by the spark plug and the ignition timing are important factors that affect the condition of the fuel engine. The OEM ignition system also provides the necessary and su...
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No Riveting Tool Required for a Sealed Chain! What is the Unique Screw Joint of EK CHAIN?

The sealed chain, in which grease is sealed in advance in the gap between the bushing and the pin, features low friction loss and long life. However, a special riveting tool is required to connect the...
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Basic Assembling on the Upper Part of the 2-stroke Single Cylinder Engine

Unlike the crankcase of a 4-cylinder engine, which is divided into upper and lower parts, the crankcase of a single-cylinder engine is divided into left and right parts (some models had a single-cylin...
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Never Hesitate to Replace New Parts if Available. Do the Best You Can for Parts That Aren’t Available!

In order to enjoy riding a motorcycle, not only the necessary functions have to work smoothly, but also the rider and motorcycle have to be able to "communicate" at a high level to enjoy the ride. One...
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What Parts You Can’t Find, You Have to Do It Yourself! Trying Out the Challenge of Creating a DIY Air Cleaner Element

When there are parts that are just not available, it is sometimes possible to deal with it by making it by DIY work. In such a case, if there are parts available as materials, it should be possible to...
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Practice Piston Ring Replacement If You Wish to Keep on Riding for a Long Time.

I heard from a motorcycle buddy that he wanted to replace the piston rings, so I disassembled the upper part of the engine and inspected the surrounding parts at the same time. In this section, I will...
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Bringing Back the Shining Beauty of the Blinker on an Old and Discontinued Model Using Sandpaper Polishing

In contrast to the ultra-small blinkers that are very popular as custom parts these days, the blinkers of discontinued models are characterized by its large size with a strong presence. Many of the ol...
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Practicing Rust Conversion and Repainting the Rust on the Seat Bottom Plate Before It Gets Worse

A rusty steel plate on the bottom of the seat can be a disappointment even if the seat does not need to be reupholstered. In such a case, why don't you try refreshing or repainting only the "stee...
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How to Recoil a Damage Footpeg Mount Thread as a Permanent Countermeasure?

I hung up the main stand, but for some reason the front and rear tires are still on the ground. How did it happen? I found that the screw that tightens the footpeg bracket, which also serves as the mo...
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The Secret to a Clean Look Around the Handlebar | Using a Gardening Vinyl Tie to Pull the Switch Wiring into the Handlebar Pipe

For users of old and discontinued models and customization enthusiasts, "threading" is one of the familiar methods of processing the handlebar switch wiring into the handlebar pipe. The feature of thi...
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If the “Joint Coupling” is Able to be Inserted to Drive Part of the Speedometer Gear

Most modern models use an electric speedometer, which replaces the number of revolutions of the wheel with an electrical signal to drive the speedometer. A typical mechanical speedometer is a speedome...
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KEYSTER, Who Develops Parts That are Not Configured as OEM Parts, is a Reliable Ally for Carburetor Maintenance!

The carburetor is a component that has a significant impact on engine condition. The ability to easily change settings with jets and needles is attractive, but before that, it is important to have a p...
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Taking Into Account the Difference of 0.1mm. How Does the Spark Plug Gap Affect Motorcycles?

The spark plug is what produces the electric spark that triggers the explosive combustion of the air mixture. Ignition timing and high performance plugs using special metals are the focus of attention...
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