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BRIDGESTONE Announced 3 New Products Scheduled Around Spring on 2020


BRIDGESTONE held the new product launch for the media and announced the three new products to be released in 2020, one product was already released last November 1. We will give tire reviews of each product tires information.

Sport radial tire “BATTLAX RACING STREET RS11”

Release date: March 2020

191128_18 191128_19

The successor to the “BATTLAX RACING STREET RS10”, which is currently gaining popularity. The RS11 pattern itself has already been adopted by KAWASAKI Ninja H2 and SUZUKI GSX-R1000 as OEM replacement products.

It was impressive that the president of BRIDGESTONE Motorcycle Tire Co., Ltd. himself tested at the Tsukuba Circuit and confirmed its good handling and performance. It seems that the road surface temperature was not so high because the tire test was tested at 7:00 on the morning of September, but even without using a tire warmer, he seemed to be able to enjoy sports riding without anxiety. This tire is recommended for sports users who enjoy from touring to circuit riding.


[Installed Technology Summary]

・The ground contact area during cornering is increased and grip is improved, by improving the length and arrangement of the shoulder groove based on the tire pattern.
・A racing compound equipped with new material “microparticle carbon” is adopted on the rear shoulder. The grip when I lean angle was greatly improved.
・By adopting V-MS・BELT (Variable pitch-Mono Spiral Belt) for the rear tire, the ground pressure distribution is equal and the ground feeling was improved.
・Improved handling comfort by changing the front profile and reducing the crown radius.

Tire Size Application

Front 120 / 70ZR17M / C (58W)
Rear 190 / 55ZR17M / C (75W)
Rear 200 / 55ZR17M / C (78W)

1980 Superbike Racing Tire “BATTLAX CLASSIC RACING CR11”

Release Date: February 2020

191128_21 191128_22

This product is expected to be unveiled at the Milan show ahead of time, and many riders are looking forward to introduce also in Japan. The basic structure of the tire is based on the R11 racing tire, and the warm-up performance, WET performance, and wear resistance are improved to support race regulation (endurance race where tire warmers and rain tires cannot be used). The popular old car race in Europe “Europe Endurance Classic Cup”, this tire has been already put into practice and won a 1-2nd place. In addition, the 3rd place team wearing other companies’ tires was 4.2 seconds faster on the best lap rider.

Only races with tires that can run on public roads are allowed because of the positioning of race tires that cannot be used on public roads. It means that public road tires can not be used in the race*, but the future trend including that aspect is catching attention.

*As an example, “T.O.T (Taste of Tsukuba)”, etc.

[Installed Technology Summary]

A racing compound equipped with new material “microparticle-diameter carbon” is adopted at the front and rear shoulders. Greatly improved grip when laid down.

“R11 pattern has a base shoulder edge groove arranged in the radial direction to improve drainage performance when leaning angle.
By adopting V-MS・ BELT on the front, the distribution of ground pressure becomes natural and the grounding feeling is improved.

Tire Size Application

Front 110 / 80R18 (NHS)
Rear 150 / 65R18 (NHS)

Bias Touring Tire “BATTLAX BT46”

Release Date: February 1, 2020

191128_24 191128_25

Since it is launch in 1998, it is the successor to the BATTLAX BT45, which was supported by many riders’ good handling. While maintaining the proven dry handling performance originally, the pattern is changed on the front and a single tread rubber containing silica that has been adopted for the rear to improve WET performance.

In 2020, the company plans to release, a front 8 and rear 17 sizes, with a total of 14 sizes in 2021, and an additional total of 8 sizes in 2022.


[Installed Technology Summary]

・By reversing the rotation direction of the front, the feeling of grounding in the WET was improved, and the knitted wear is suppressed.
・The use of silica-blended rubber in the rear improves the WET grip.
・WET handling time improved by 1.7% compared to the company. Dry performance and wear life are the same as the old product.

Tire Size Application

Front 110 / 70-17 M / C TL 54H*
Front 110 / 80-17 M / C TL 57H 
Front 100 / 90-18 M / C TL 56H*
Front 110 / 90-18 M / C TL 61H*
Front 90 / 90-18 M / C TL 51H*
Front 3.25-19 TL 54H 
Front 100 / 90-18 M / C TL 56V 
Front 100 / 90-19 M / C TL 57V 
Rear 130 / 90-16 M / C TL 67H 
Rear 120 / 80-17 M / C TL 61H*
Rear 130 / 70-17 M / C TL 62H*
Rear 130 / 80-17 M / C TL 65H*
Rear 140 / 70-17 M / C TL 66H*
Rear 150 / 70-17 M / C TL 69H*
Rear 110 / 80-18 M / C TL 58H*
Rear 110 / 90-18 M / C TL 61H*
Rear 120 / 80-18 M / C TL 62H*
Rear 130 / 70-18 M / C TL 63H 
Rear 140 / 70-18 M / C TL 67H 
Rear 4.00-18 TT 64H 
Rear 150 / 80-16 M / C TL 71V*
Rear 120 / 90-17 M / C TL 64V*
Rear 130 / 90-17 M / C TL 68V*
Rear 140 / 80-17 M / C TL 69V*
Rear 120 / 90-18 M / C TL 65V*

*Marked size… Only tires with “USE TUBE ON TUBE TYPE RIM” stamped on the sidewall of the tire can be attached to a tube-type rim by attaching a tube to the tubeless tire.

Enduro Racing Tire “BATTLECROSS E50 EXTREME”

Release date: November 1, 2019 *Released


191128_23-1 191128_24-1 191128_25-1

This tire is already on sale in the market. At the Enduro race, JNCC held on November 3 in Kasumigatake, Nagano Prefecture this tire was also used by Manabu Watanabe, who won the highest Japanese Enduro ranking (3rd overall). The tire frame is adopted equivalent to the BATTLECROSS E50, and it is said that by installing a soft compound, the running performance in difficult road conditions, especially in difficult places, has been improved.

[Installed Technology Summary]

・By following the rear pattern of E50 and installing a soft compound, the ability to run in difficult areas has been greatly improved.
・By adopting Castle Block (convex block), maximize the edge effect of the block in the center area.
・By adopting Bunker (indentation of the tread section), traction is produced at the edge of the bunker even when the block is buried.

Tire Size Application

Rear 140 / 80-18 70M (NHS)

Original Source [ [ BRIDGESTONE] ]

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