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BABYFACE’s Sporty Low Handlebar Kit for the New KATANA


The new KATANA was debuted in this year’s spring. BABYFACE has been released new parts for the new KATANA, which followed the avant-garde design of the previous KATANA and revived in the modern era, to enjoy its silhouette into more sporty.


To Sports Oriented Riding Position

The handlebar kit is particularly notable. This kit can change the OEM pipe handlebar at a slightly higher position to the clip-on handlebars with a lower position. The handlebar position is lowered and closed, and the overall silhouette of the machine is also reborn into sporty because it also has a sagging angle where the bar end is lowered.

For installation, since there is no particular processing requirement to OEM parts such as the brake hose and wires, it is possible to keep on using them as is. However, in order to bring out its best, the bar end is recommended to change to BABYFACE bar end.

■ Handlebar kit for the KATANA (288.81 USD)

▲ Handlebar kit for a forward and low stance. The STD handlebar clamp removed and secures the base to the top bridge. The high rigidity is also attractive.

▲ The bar end is a gold type (Φ35 anodized aluminum alloy, around 59 USD).

Corresponds both standard and clip-on handlebar by 5 adjustable positions

When I tried to actually straddle, I felt that it is surprisingly more in a fit position than normal. The reason is that the BABYFACE’s IDEAL Performance Rearset Kit is also installed. Since it is adjustable type from 5-positions that is selectable from 3 positions in height and 2 positions in back to fit the rider’s physique, it is possible to set to a slightly higher OEM handlebar. The shift pedal and brake pedal are equipped with high-precision bearings, so the movement is very smooth and the operation is pleasant.

In addition to make the new KATANA silhouette more sporty, the BABYFACE riding position also increases the sporty degree of riding. A variety of other convenient accessories has also abundantly been lined up.

■ IDEAL Performance Rearset Kit (486.86 USD)

A simple one-plate type is adopted. It is 5 positions selectable from the maximum 40mm up / 25mm back, for a wide range of riding from the city to sports. The footpeg is knurling process with excellent non-slip properties. There are 3 colors available: black, gold, and silver. The race model of the reverse shift is also available at the same price.

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