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DIY! How to Perform Rust Inspection and Replacement with Front Fork Inner Tube!

Covering your motorcycle right after riding under the rain or leaving them outside for long a time are your motorcycle's worst enemy but the front fork inner tube is one of the most susceptible parts....

Top 5 MONKEY 125 Custom Design in 5 Different Japanese Manufacturer

Way back to 1960 when MONKEY 125 is first released, it has been an overnight success of Mr. Soichiro Honda, the founder, and CEO of HONDA motorcycles. At that time, Mr. H

YOSHIMURA Japan Releases an Up-type Exhaust System for Cross Cub 110 ’19 Outdoor Styling

YOSHIMURA Japan has been released the Machine Bent GP-MAGNUM Cyclone TYPE-UP EXPORT SPEC - Japanese Government Certified for the Cross Cub 110 ('19) in early July. The GP
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Throwback of the Legendary Sport Bike Heritage “SUZUKI KATANA” Video Collection!

SUZUKI KATANA is a legendary sport bike, which became a worldwide hit in '80s. KATANA claimed to be the fastest mass-production motorcycle in the world during those days.
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2020 Bangkok Motor Show: The ZX-25R is the Same Size as the Ninja 650!

The Bangkok Motor Show was held from July 15 to 26, 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the most popular motorcycle markets in Asia. Just like the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan
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Own the KTM RC16 Factory Racing Machines and Lead the MotoGP™ Race World!

Have you ever dream of owning a Factory Racing machine? The KTM RC16 Factory Racing Machine from 2019 season is currently on sale. In 2018, KTM sold 2 machines of the 201

Leather Care Guide: Washing My Leather Boots with Detergent After 8 Years of Neglect

Hi, I'm Nao from Webike staff. I was cleaning out my storage room at home the other day and found a pair of boots I was wearing 8 years ago. Here it is. The shoes that went down in the muddy waters. I...
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“My Beloved Moto” X-ADV Review! Riding on the Wilderness of the X-ADV World

HONDA X-ADV Owner's Review We will introduce Momiage's passionate story about his riding experience with his beloved motorcycle, X-ADV, from Webike community "My Beloved Moto" campaign. He s...
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The Prevailing Teaser Video of the 2021 CBR600RR was Published!

A top-of-the-line middleweight supersport, HONDA 2021 CBR600RR, has been published with a teaser video in HONDA Japan press release on August 6, 2020. HONDA Japan made an
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Apparel Guide: Choosing the Right Size For Motorcycle Apparel

Do you choose the right size for your motorcycle apparel? The are disadvantages of an oversized riding jacket. Bigger is always better than small. Size is an issue for ma
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DIY! How to Remove Rust from Fuel Tank Along With Its Relevant Parts

When removing rust from the fuel tank, thoroughly clean the fuel cock and fuel gauge as well. A motorcycle's fuel tank that has been stored outdoors for a long period of time suffers from rust due to ...

The AKRAPOVIC Racing Full Exhaust System for the ZX-25R is Now Available!

Akrapovic has released the "Racing Line Full Exhaust System" for the new ZX-25R. This is an excellent product from a manufacturer that is known for its high quality and r
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DIY! How to Change and Lubricate the Brake Lever Contact Position

I greased up the pivot part of the brake lever, but when I held the lever, something seems to be caught when the lever is gripped, and the movement is not smooth. If you feel like that, you should loo...

K-FACTORY Released Custom Parts for KAWASAKI GPZ900R! Check the Video!

The motorcycle that made the name "NINJA" the most popular in the world. That was KAWASAKI "original NINJA", the GPZ900R. Its popularity exploded after Maverick, played b
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Is Your First Motorcycle Here? [HONDA Collection Hall Video Compilation]

The HONDA Collection Hall is a museum of four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles located in Twin Ring Motegi, Haga-gun, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. The museum was opened in

Customizing Parts Using a European Style Germany-born HIGHSIDER is Great!

I need to customize my motorcycle fashionably! There are many parts that make such a wish come true. Some of the elements that can make a big difference in the design inc
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“My Beloved Moto” a Fighter and a Traveler as Well, YAMAHA YZF-R6 Review

YZF-R6 Owner's Review. We will introduce Akaza's passionate story about his riding experience with his beloved motorcycle, YZF-R6, from Webike community "My Beloved Moto"
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CRF1100L AFRICA TWIN Test Ride Review [Webike Motoreport]

How about adventure DCT, electronically controlled suspension that everyone concerned about? We will introduce the test ride review of the top-of-the-line CRF1100L model (CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventur...
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“My Beloved Moto” SUZUKI VanVan 200 Review

VanVan 200 Owner's Review. We will introduce "Mr. 17191216" passionate story about his riding experience with his beloved motorcycle, VanVan 200, from Webike community "M
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DOREMI COLLECTION Best 5 Custom Model of KAWASAKI Z900RS [Video]

DOREMI COLLECTION is one of the top brands and famous around the world in customizing vintage motorcycles, especially on the KAWASAKI Z900RS. DOREMI COLLECTION originated
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