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Lotto SPA 2024! Predict the Rank, Win Webike Points!

FIM EWC 8 Hours of SPA x Webike FIM EWC 8 Hours of SPA will take place on Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium on 6th to 8th June. We, Webike Japan as the official sponsor, are going to hold "Lo...
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Lotto SPA! Predict the Rank, Win Webike Points!

FIM EWC 24 Hours of SPA x Webike FIM EWC 24 Hours of SPA will take place on Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium on 4th to 5th June. We, Webike Japan as the official sponsor, are going to hold "...
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[Brands worth knowing] OHNO SPEED

OHNO-SPEED manufactures original parts especially for SUZUKI KATANA or GS series. Their parts are all trustworthy, full of know-hows earned from their experience as a well-known customization builder.
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[Brands worth knowing] BEET

Beet was established in 1965, they developed "NASSERT" series exhausts which is also used by Kawasaki Team Green.
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[Brands worth knowing] BULL DOCK

BULL DOCK has restored many KAWASAKI Z series models with gorgeous looks. They developes original parts in pursuit of further performance.
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[Brands worth knowing] SP Tadao

An exhaust manufacturer that nearly 90% of Webike users who have actually used it give it a 4 star rating or more!
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[Brands worth knowing] M-TEC Chukyo

M-Tech Chukyo is an ISO 9001 certified parts manufacturer which is highly recommended for riders who are concerned about quality and stock style.
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[Brands worth knowing] Baby Face

A parts manufacturer with 38 years of history in Osaka, Japan, focused on machined aluminum, stainless steel and dry carbon.
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[Brands worth knowing] TRICK STAR

TRICK STAR craves for victory and keeps challenging, developes high performance exhausts bred with race champion experience.
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[Brands worth knowing] NOJIMA

NOJIMA has great craftsmen and aims to be the No.1 exhaust manufacturer. Their traditional sound, performance, are popular among many riders!
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[Brands worth knowing] AS Uotani

For ignition system tuning, you may not have heard of this manufacturer's parts from Japan. Let me show you how awesome AS Uotani is.
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[Brands worth knowing] RS TAICHI

RS TAICHI, a great riding gear manufacturer in Japan, has the best reputation by Japanese riders.
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[Brands worth knowing] NITRO RACING

High quality exhausts with a massive and unique sound, made in Japan for the most classic Japanese Muscle Bikes.
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[Brands worth knowing] GALE SPEED

High quality parts used in top races are now available for street. GALE SPEED is working hard to make motorcycle and rider into one.
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[Brands worth knowing] KIJIMA

KIJIMA is a universal mortocycle parts manufacturer in Japan. Some products are picked by models of Harley, HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI
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[Brands worth knowing] OVER RACING

OVER RACING has a pretty good reputation in Japanese local riders. Especially their exhaust systems by models: Z900RS, MONKEY 125, ZX-25R, Ninja-H2..
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[Brands worth knowing] PMC

PMC means Performance Motorcycle Creative, a JAPANESE BRAND
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BMW’s most powerful machine, the M1000RR, has arrived! It’s a true SBK racer with wings.

Top speed of 315 km/h, the first BMW Motorrad M model The M 1000 RR, the ultimate supersport from BMW, is now available. The M 1000 RR is based on the pinnacle of the current sport model, the S 1000 ...
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2020 Taste of Tsukuba

What is T.O.T? 2020 Taste of Tsukuba KAGURADUKI (November) STAGE The 2020 Taste of Tsukuba Stage to be held on Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th at the Tsukuba Circuit Course 2000 has ...
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Suzuka Circuit “Hairpin Curve” to “NISSIN Brake Hairpin” by Naming Rights Agreement

NISSIN KOGYO CO., LTD obtains naming rights Suzuka Circuit has announced that it has signed a naming rights agreement with Nissin Kogyo for the "Hairpin Curve" on the International Racing Co...