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YOSHIMURA JAPAN to Release Exhaust System for ADV150


▲ Release Schedule: Late March (Start accepting order from early February)

Speaking to the effectiveness of exhaust system replacement, first of all, it is the changes in output characteristics and sound quality. However, when I experienced the two types of cyclones that YOSHIMURA developed for the ADV150, I was surprised at the drastic change of its character, not just the output characteristics and sound quality.



Character changes drastically in addition to its output characteristics and sound quality.

When talking about the main premise, the ADV150’s risen up STD exhaust system has an exhaust outlet close to the ear of the rider, making the sound more vibrant than a typical scooter. However, basically, the sound is in the category of the scooter, the exhaust sound while riding is monotonous quality. But if changed to the YOSHIMURA cyclone…

The sound quality changes to the exhaust sound that clearly conveys that it is an internal combustion engine, and the combustion feeling of the water-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is clearly transmitted. So far, I had an impression to scooters that “the power unit is just the assistant” against the scooter, however, the ADV equipped with cyclone began to claim its presence as “the power unit is the most important parts”, just like ordinary motorcycles. It is up to each person on how to understand this fact, but if you want to enjoy sports riding on a scooter, no one would argue against this drastic change of its character.

The fun on off-roads is also polished!

▲ When I rode on the ADV equipped with the R-77S on the dirt of riverside, I could re-recognized the importance of traction on rough roads.

In addition, as a result of having a strong presence of the power unit, I was also impressed that the feeling of acceleration / deceleration has been clearly improved and been sharpened, and the traction transmitted from the rear wheels was also rich. The latter was unexpected in particular, and it is rare that the traction changes due to the exhaust system can be clearly understood so far, then if the traction is richer, the throttle opening and closing will be more fun.


And another thing that is impressive, even when I checked the operability in the low-speed range in a vicious way, such as the riding slowly in a narrow residential area, riding traffic jam roads following the car, it has no negative factor compared to the STD exhaust system.

When you actually buy a YOSHIMURA cyclone for the ADV150, it may be a problem which silencer body will you choose. However, the characteristics described so far are common to the R-77S and the GP MAGNUM, so I don’t think you’ll regret whichever you choose.

By the way, according to YOSHIMURA’s measurement data, the R-77S with a large silencer capacity is slightly more advantageous in output characteristics, but the sound quality differs on the capacity and internal baffle shape (in contrast to the profound feeling of the R77-S, the GP MAGNUM delivers a better and cheerful sound), so there was no clear difference in the performance between the two cyclones.

Fixed method different from STD exhaust system

▲ STD Silencer. In contrast to the STD exhaust system where the silencer is fixed at 3 points rigidly, the YOSHIMURA exhaust system has 1 rubber mount silencer + 1 exhaust pipe.

It surpasses throughout all performance of the STD exhaust system.

▲The two types of cyclones have acquired power that surpasses the STD exhaust system in all rev range. The biggest difference compared to the STD exhaust system is power in mid-high rev range, but there are no negative factors even in the low rev range.

Unique know-how introduced into the exhaust pipe

▲ Compared to the STD exhaust pipe diameter of 25mm, the diameter of the YOSHIMURA exhaust pipe is 27.2mm (the inner diameter of the inlet and outlet is slightly reduced to compensate for the short pipe length) and the diameter is expanded from 45mm to 50mm in front pipe nearby the silencer. The product in the photo is a prototype, the commercial version is modified with an exhaust pipe bracket (marked with an arrow)

The test ride vehicle was for the JMCA approved exhaust system for the ADV150 Asian specification, but YOSHIMURA Japan will soon plan to acquire and commercialize the correspondence of the exhaust system for the Japanese specification ADV150 (Released on February 14).


Machine Bend R-77S Cyclone Carbon End EXPORT SPEC JMCA APPROVED

● Volume: Proximity 89dB, Acceleration 81dB
● Weight: STBC 3.1kg, SMC / SSFC 3.3kg (STD 5.3kg)

Combining high-quality and sportiness

The R-77S combines an atypical cross-sectional shape with a classy carbon end to provide a detailed design. The exhaust pipe of both R-77S and GP MAGNUM is an exclusive product for the ADV. The test vehicle are using the “SMC” which is a specification of carbon pattern engraved on a stainless steel silencer.

■ SMC (Metal Magic Cover / Carbon End)

● Price: around 500 USD

■ SSFC (Satin Finish Cover / Carbon End)

● Price: around 500 USD

■ STBC (Titanium Blue Cover / Carbon End)

● Price: around 600 USD



● Volume: Proximity 90dB, Acceleration 82dB
● Weight: SC 2.6kg, STB 2.7kg, SS / SSF 2.9kg (STD 5.3kg)

Round and short silencer for small bike

Recently, YOSHIMURA Japan has many types of silencers. The GP MAGNUM used round and short silencer is mainly used for small bikes, not only the ADV and PCX, but also the SUPER CUB / MONKEY, GSX-R125 and the N-MAX.

■ SSF (Satin Finish Cover)

● Price: around 400 USD

■ SS (Stainless Steel Cover)

● Price: around 400 USD

■ STB (Titanium Blue Cover)

● Price: around 500 USD

■ SC (Carbon Cover)

● Price: around 500 USD

There is also a commitment to style and maintainability!

Tatsunori Ito, YOSHIMURA JAPAN Exhaust System Business Division
“We also emphasize the sense of unity with the vehicle body, and minimize the lateral extension of the silencer. In addition, the bent of the exhaust pipe is considered as a tool applied in the same way as STD one for the 2 flange nuts.”

Speed development in cooperation with “ASIA”!

This exhaust system was announced almost at the same time as the appearance of the ADV150 in Japan. The reason why this super-fast release became possible is that “YOSHIMURA ASIA” in Thailand acquired the ADV (ADV in Southeast Asia has been released last fall), and was moving to commercialization. YOSHIMURA ASIA’s factory has the same facilities as Japan and also has technology that can cooperate in development with the head office. YOSHIMURA has enabled speedy product development by having their branch in Asia.

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