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A Comparison of the new Monkey 125 and Monkey (50)


A monkey meeting was held on Tokyo Summerland on April 29, 2018. Therefore, Monkey 125 Prototype Motorcycle Experience Meeting for media was also held, and this magazine conducted coverage from various angles. This time they will tell us the comparison of big and small monkey.

Did you see the monkey looks like a bigger one?

As they mentioned the explanation that they uploaded on the other day about the new type monkey 125 that has a wheelbase 45 mm shorter than the grom as to prevent the monkey’s trapezoid silhouette from collapsing even it’s 125.

It is in this place that the journal expresses that the Monkey 125 as “deca monkey”, while maintaining a silhouette which is known as a monkey at a glance, it seems to be unusually large and there is no doubt that the secret is in the dimension setting.

Although, it is definitely more advantageous to ride something that got bigger, there are also somewhat disappointing aspects as they wrote in the test drive article.

Here, in order to easily convey the size by photographs and numbers, they compare it side by side.

It is obvious that there is no need for explanation for the monkey 125 on the right and the left for the monkey (50 cc) as what shown on the right is large and there’s only a small difference. The difference in the total length is 345 mm, in the distance between the axles is 260 mm, the overall width is 155 mm, the total height is 180 mm and the seat height is 115 mm. Rider’s height is 172 cm, weight is 65 kg.

Price and seat height are about 1.2 times, performance is about 3 times.

Looking at the difference not only in photos but also in numbers, the difference is small. The sheet height was 50, 660 mm in 125 but 775 mm and 117% up. The other biggest difference is the price and the STD ratio is 118%. On the other hand, the biggest difference is the engine performance.

The new maximum torque up by 314%, the maximum output up to 276% up to 3 times. Of course, because the performance increased about 2.5 times as large as the displacement, it is not necessarily directly proportional to the displacement and the price, it is a simple comparison to the last.

Just as motorcycle are getting bigger to ensure safety performance, it was a necessary choice to make the monkey bigger to survive in the changing times.

The monkey (50 cc) is compact enough to have some concentration to run straight, but Monkey 125 had become a natural driving feeling. The reason why the inertial mass works more than the wheels enlarged from 8 to 12 inches is also a cause of this, but once monkey became larger in diameter at the end of the 1960 ‘s from 5 to 8 inches, it became a story that has not started now.

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ](*Japanese)

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