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2019 Tokyo Motor Show Manufacturer’s Booth Gallery


We will briefly introduce the exhibition contents of motorcycle manufacturers and related parts manufacturers at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019. There are plenty of models that can not be missed, such as the latest 2020 model, the concept model that will appear in the near future, and the prototype that will become a commercial premise.


HONDA exhibited a concept model for motorcycles, automobiles, power products, and energy-related technologies, including scheduled commercial vehicles. As for motorcycles, HONDA unveiled the world premiere of the Super Cub based concept model “CT125”, and the “CRF1100L Africa Twin” and “ADV150” was released for the first time in Japan. The CRF1100L Africa Twin and ADV150 are scheduled to be available on the market.

CT125 *World Premiere

CRF1100L Africa Twin Dual Clutch Transmission *Japan Premiere

ADV150 *Japan Premiere


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HONDA Unveils the “CRF1100L Africa Twin”, “ADV 150”, and the World Premiere of the “CT125”!


YAMAHA exhibited with a booth theme of “There Is Greater Joy Yet to Come — ART for Human Possibilities.”

A total of 18 models are on display such as motorcycle, leaning multi-wheel (LMW), electric commuter, electric assist bicycle, autonomous solution vehicle, including the 6 models world premiere and 2 models Japan premiere. As for motorcycles, YZF-R1 and Ténéré 700 were unveiled for the first time in Japan.


TRICITY300 *World Premiere

Land Link Concept (Reference Vehicle) *World Premiere

E01 (Reference Vehicle) *World Premiere

E02 (Reference Vehicle) *World Premiere

YPJ-YZ (Reference Vehicle) *World Premiere

YZF-R1 (Reference Vehicle) *Japan Premiere

Ténéré 700 (Reference Vehicle)

YZ450FX (Reference Vehicle)

TY-E (Reference Vehicle)

TRITOWN (Reference Vehicle)

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YAMAHA will Launch “TENERE 700” Next Summer and the World Premiere of “MW-VISION” and “TRICITY300”!


The SUZUKI exhibited with a booth theme of “WAKU WAKU SWITCH for EVERYONE: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone”.
The road sports motorcycle “GIXXER SF250” and “GIXXER 250” with a newly developed oil-cooled engine were unveiled for the first time in Japan.

GIXXER SF 250 *Japan Premiere

GIXXER 250 *Japan Premiere

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SUZUKI Unveiled “GIXXER SF250” and “GIXXER 250”


KAWASAKI has unveiled the world premiere of the new flagship model “Z H2” of the super naked Z series, the super sports model “Ninja ZX-25R” equipped with an inline 4-cylinder engine that is currently the only 250cc class in the lineup, and the retro model “W800” inheriting the bloodline of the “W” brand.

Z H2 *World Premiere

Ninja ZX-25R *World Premiere

W800 *World Premiere


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KAWASAKI Unveils the World Premiere of the Z H2, Ninja ZX-25R, and W800!

Overseas Manufacturers and Parts Manufacturers


PIAGGIO Group Japan exhibited a special edition vehicle the “Sei Giorni Edition II”, “Primavera S 125 Special Edition”, and a long-selling model “LX 125 i-get”. You can experience the world’s view with the latest Vespa in their booth.

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BOSCH exhibited for the first time in Japan with an image model vehicle (manufactured by DUCATI) of “Advanced Rider Assistance System” an automated solution for safer mobility.

The “Advanced Rider Assistance System” is a safe driving assistance system that improves the safety and driving comfort to the rider. The system is composed of “Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)”, which maintains a safe distance to the riding vehicle in front, “Forward Collision Warning System” it is a system that sends the warning to the rider under the condition that there is a risk of collision with the front vehicle, and the “Blind-Spot Detection” system helps to look out in all directions for the safe lane changing of the rider.

It has already been decided that it will be mounted on the DUCATI and KTM models, and it featured a rider assistance system that you have to keep an eye in the future. *The installation position of the ACC (DUCATI) and the ACC of the exhibition is ”the image for the exhibition”.

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BOSCH Exhibited an Image Model (DUCATI) of “Advanced Rider Assistance System” for Japan Premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show! (Japanese)


NISSIN Kogyo exhibited the Red Bull HONDA “CBR1000RRW” and the TEAM MUGEN electric motorcycle “Shinden 4”, which were used in the race, equipped with a brake system for racing made by NISSIN. You can experience the braking scene across the Shinden 4.

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TS TECH exhibited a “High-Performance Integrated Seat” for motorcycle. It is equipped with a sensing technology that instantly changes the pressure of the air, the seat hardness changes depending on the physique of the sitting person, making the sitting comfort to its best. In addition, it is equipped with a seat heating function that warms up in seconds, and blower function to be able to enjoy a comfortable long-distance touring regardless of the season.

*The vehicle equipped with this seat (HONDA) is an exhibition vehicle, not a commercial vehicle.

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