Top 10 Most Popular Cruiser Tires of 2020

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    The evolution of cruisers nowadays is quite amazing. If you still have the stereotype of cruisers are heavy, loud, and slow roadsters, that is actually not quite true. There are cruisers focused on performance while still maintain the shape of America spirit (Harley-Davidson V-rod, Honda Rebel 1100), the ones that focused on going long distance touring (Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, BMW R1200C), and the classic ones. Some other so-called “Power Cruisers”, such as Yamaha V-Max and Ducati Diavel, are harder to be categorized though. Nevertheless, all types of cruisers can benefit from choosing the right tires for the right job. Of course, the style (“Whitewall”, for example) is also extremely important so we will take that into consideration in this article, too. Let’s see what are the best sold cruiser tires on Webike in year 2020!


    The distinctive flame pattern is probably why this tire is popular just as we know that a lot of cruiser riders like to paint flames on their tank. It’s not all about being cool, it’s also kind of like a tradition in the cruiser community. Performance wise is more than acceptable: the flame pattern not only provides the needed coolness, but also offers great capability of riding in wet road surface / rain. IRC offers varies sizes of WF-920 so a lot of classic cruisers riders can take this one into consideration.


    Bridgestone’s EXEDRA MAX is somehow not so famous in the cruiser community, it might because of they offer more performance than style. It feels like typical Bridgestone, the comfort, stability, and low temperature performance are superb. I see these tires on drag machines (like V-Max) more than on Harley’s.

    No.8 SHINKO|E270

    The traditional bias-ply pattern is so cool that you will forget it’s year 2021. Let the look of unevenness and the vibration take you back to the 60’s. You look like a true classic man with these tires on your hot rod. Shinko did a great job offering these classic patterned tires with modern technology, but still, those patterns became obsolete for a reason. But hey, who cares performance when Shinko even offers two types of whitewall you can choose from? Some real affordable classic luxury you can have without break the bank.


    Bridgestone looked into their EXEDRA MAX and said: “OK if this is not people want then what”. They we have the Battlecruise H50. Basically it’s just a better EXEDRA MAX, according to Bridgestone, these tires offer better handling, better cornering performance, better “feeling”, and 2.7 times longer durability. The handling improvement is what Bridgestone really wants to sell: these tires will make your 300 kg heavy cruisers turn like a road bike!

    No.6 SHINKO|SR777

    Still a widely popular choice when it comes to whitewall tires. Even though the performance is somehow mediocre, the Shinko SR777 is loved by many Harley-Davidson Sportster riders, they just so cool to look at. So satisfying.


    You probably have seen these tires in some random hot rod builds, people from the United States are using these tire to custom their cruisers all day. The name, Marathon Ultra, indicates how durable these tires are, and Metzeler did not lie, they do last a very long time. Metzeler also offers sizes for non-stock wheels, like 23-inch, 26-inchi, or 280mm. Whitewall option? You name it. Orangewalls? Hell yeah.


    Basically a touring tire, the Michelin Commander II offers a great combination of durability and performance. Even though there are better alternatives but the Commander II is still a popular budget choice.


    Michelin start divide the Commander series for different purposes from Commander III. There are Commander III Touring and Commander III Cruiser. If you have an Electra Glide, these long lasting tires are your best friends.


    The Commander 3 series is very resistant to rain due to its 100% silica compound, but the appearance is not too shabby either. The sidewalls of the Commander 3 Cruiser are made with “New Velvet Technology” that absorbs light so that you can clearly see the letters engraved on the tire. The durability of these tires is just ridiculous, some test shows that the Commander III cruiser passed a 28,000 km test still had some tread on it.

    No.1 DUNLOP|Kabuki D404

    The stock tires for Honda Rebel, was the Dunlop Kabuki D404 somehow looks like Harley-Davidson stock tires, or it is just me? We sold these tires the most because nothing beats the price, they are affordable and fit a lot of cruisers.

    Specs aren’t everything when it comes to cruiser. Cruiser tires are larger in diameter for the front and smaller, thicker for the rear. The tires are some very important factor for a hot rod cruiser. Therefore, the key to making a cool cruiser is to choose tires that match your style.

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