Top 10 Best Sold Footwear of 2020

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    I came to Japan at the end of 2019, and bought my first bike (Honda VTR1000F)in Japan a couple of months after. Motorcycling in Japan is quite different than what I used to in California. Riding is not just an sport activity, a lot of people actually rely on motorcycles to commute, deliver food / newspaper / milk, you can even see the cops riding little scooters patrolling around the corner. Japan has very narrow street and lanes, some streets even only have one lane. Hence, motorcycles are better tools than cars as they are easy to go around traffic, fuel efficient, and easy to park (extremely important in Japan!). Back in California, motorcycling is a hobby, a road sport activity because everyone has a car for commuting and going to grocery shopping purposes. Therefore people either dress like a squid or fully geared. A lot of people know the phrase “ATGATT”, means “All The Gear All The Time”, that’s true when you are riding 80mph. When the first time I came to work with full gear, people think I’m weird. Why? Because I dressed like I was going to race somebody on twisties. Japanese people prefer casual looking yet functional gears rather than the racing inspired ones, if you show up to some group riding or bike shows with full leather gear (not the race suits), people think you are a try-hard.

    That being said, everyone has their own philosophy when it comes to motorcycle gear selections. Still, having additional casual looking options is never a bad thing, I know a lot of stunt riders and Supermoto junkies love to dress casual. Let’s take a look at what we sold the most in the Riding Footwear category in 2020, there are some nice shoes looking great while offering great protection in case something bad happens.

    No. 10 ROUGH&ROAD: Rough & Road|Rough Riding Sneaker SL

    Rough & Road is a Japanese riding gear manufacturer, they produce from affordable to high end riding gears. The design is refreshed in recent years to make it more popular by younger riders. These sneakers look great while offering great comfort and protection. The left shoe has a special designed shifter pad to make your life easier. One thing I have to point out is that the zip fastener is located on the outside to the bike preventing any possible damage to the bike, very thoughtful design.

    No.9 alpinestars: Alpinestars|Faster 3 Ride Knit Shoes

    There’s no need to introduce alpinestars, they are the king of quality riding gear maker. The Faster 3 Rideknit Shoes is built by seamless knitted construction to “create a riding shoe that is extremely lightweight and breathable and also boasts class-leading protective features”. Plus, they look great with the alpinstars logo!

    No.8 gaerne|Voyager CDG GORE-TEX®

    Water proof and breathable GORE-TEX®, the Gaerne’s Voyager ranked 8th in our best sold riding shoes. These fantastic looking shoes are ideal for street riding and short distance touring.

    No.7 KOMINE|BK-084 Protect Water Proof Riding Sneaker

    Even though the design and color is somehow mediocre, these Komine BK-084 sneakers are reasonable priced and contained with riding gear production know how’s of Komine. With the retroreflect capable reflectors, you can have a peace of mind when riding in the night. For those riders want a pair of safe and comfortable riding shoes that won’t break the bank, the Komine BK-084 is the right pair for you.

    No.6 RS TAICHI: RS TAICHI|RSS008 Boa Wrap Air Riding Shoes

    RS TAICHI is a famous Japanese riding gear manufacturer that has the widest range of products, from affordable riding gloves to high end race suit. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a lot back in the US. I personally own a lot of RS TAICHI products, the building quality is very close, if not better, compare to alpinestars. These RSS008 shoes are ideal for street riding while have a racing inspired design. With mesh finish, it’s ideal to wear these while having a spirited riding during the hot summer. The quick release shoe laces are another nice feature to have, especially when using with gloves on.

    No.5 KOMINE|BK-091 Water Proof Microfiber Riding Sneaker

    Another pair made by Komine, forgot to introduce earlier, the Komine brand is well known for making affordable riding gears though often complained by lack of design. However, it’s not quite true when it comes to their BK-091, these sneakers have classic design with suede leather, ideally for street riding use.

    No.4 alpinestars : Alpinestars|CR-X Dry Star Riding Shoes

    Again we have alpinestars. The Dry Star is basically the alpinstars version of GORE-TEX®, the dual compound rubber is soft yet protective, making them a great pair both for on and off motorcycle. The fancy color added nice detail to its owner’s character.

    No.3 elf: Elf Apparel|SYNTHESE14

    I might be wrong about Japanese people don’t like racing designed riding gears, these Elf Synthese 14 sold well on Webike and ranked 3rd. Classic Elf blue makes it a very unique pair, ideally for supersport riders.

    No.2 KUSHITANI: Kushitani|Adone shoes

    Kushitani is a Japanese riding gear brand only focus on making high-end gears. If a gear is made by Kushitani, you know that resembles high quality right away without a doubt. That’s how good they are. These Adone shoes offer great water proof feature and the Vibram rubber also makes sure you hold the peg just fine.

    No.1 KUSHITANI: Kushitani|Flow Shoes

    Another Kushitani. The flow shoes, as the name indicates, have multiple punctuating holes on top of the surface, offer amazing ventilation. The design is nice, too. The quick release system, I said that and I will say it again, is something that you can never live without it once you had used it.

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