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The manufacturing process and philosophy behind TRICK STAR’s “IKAZUCHI” exhaust! A first ever look! [Video]

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     6 min read

    TRICK STAR, a well-known manufacturer of custom parts for Kawasaki, has staked the future of the company on their "IKAZUCHI Project". A video that looks back on the challenges involved in creating this supreme exhaust, along with footage of the manufacturing process, is now available for viewing. The video includes many rare images that are not usually shown to the public.

    The supreme exhaust. A culmination of more than 30 years of technology!

    The video consists of interviews with Ryuji Tsuruta, the president of TRICK STAR, and Masaru Uchida, who is in charge of product development.

    In the video, Mr. Tsuruta talks about the development of the IKAZUCHI, saying, "when we created the IKAZUCHI exhaust it was a time when we wanted to make a big leap forward as a company, so we aimed to make something better, and make it faster. We wanted to make the best of the best."

    At the time the IKAZUCHI was first being developed, most exhausts on the market had round silencers. Mr. Uchida, who was in charge of product development, said, "It would have been tough to compete with others if we developed a round silencer." He went through a process of making cutouts based on CAD drawings and holding them up to an actual motorcycle in order to find just the right shape.

    The reason the current diagonal cut shape was adopted in the end was to reduce aerodynamic drag, but the molding process requires a high level of technical skill. While machines are used in some parts of the process, such as pipe bending, fine adjustments are made by hand. Mr. Uchida explains the process as follows: "There are dozens of places (for fine adjustment) in one exhaust, so if we cut corners in any of those places, things won't fit together properly in the end and will have to be welded, and that welding can get bumpy and not look good. This is the kind of work that requires very skilled craftsmanship, and all of the designers, including myself, love to do this kind of work. It is supported by passion, or perhaps it would be better to say that we are only able to do it because we have this passion."

    Mr. Tsuruta also looks back at the time from 2016, when the first IKAZUCHI was launched, to the present, saying that they are always working daily to update their products based on technology gained from TRICK STAR's racing experience as well as the world's most advanced technology, "We always keep in mind that we will continue to create and evolve without being complacent and without compromise. We want to become a world-class manufacturer by focusing on performance, quality, and product manufacturing."


    ■Mr. Ryuji Tsuruta, President of TRICK STAR


    ■Mr. Masaru Uchida, Product Development


    ■Some parts can be done by machine, but adjustments are made by hand by craftsmen.


    ■Another characteristic of TRICK STAR is that their product development is based on feedback from race experience.


    ■The video also shows the IKAZUCHI production process, much of which is being shown for the very first time.


    ■User feedback is also presented at the end of the video.

    The video is available on Youtube!

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