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SP TADAO POWERBOX FULL 4in1 Z900RS 2023 (8BL-ZR900K): “Feeling good” with the new Z900RS!

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"Feeling good!" is the catchphrase of SP TADAO, who have long created exhausts that focus on power feeling for street use. For the Z900RS, the full exhaust POWERBOX FULL 4in1 was released in early summer of 2018, soon after the bike's debut. With a short megaphone style that suits the bike well, it was immediately popular from the time of its release. Now, the "POWERBOX FULL 4in1 2023" has been added to the lineup for the new Z900RS that underwent a model change in 2023.

"The new Z900RS model has a more refined torque/power output and exhaust sound and the new POWERBOX FULL 4in1 has been slightly revised to match these characteristics. Specifically, a torque curve that is easy to ride from very low speeds has been achieved by changing the exhaust pipe radius and merge collector position, as well as an exhilarating rev-up feeling that increases after 8000 rpm. The POWERBOX is divided into two sections inside, which contributes to the production of a wild sound," says Mr. Oizumi, SP TADAO's managing director.

The most popular color is heat-resistant black for both the old and new Z900RS. The full exhaust for the 2023 Z900RS is already in short supply, so if you have a hunch that this is the one for you, it's a good idea to act fast!


From the outside, the most obvious difference from the previous model is the POWERBOX (exhaust expansion chamber), which is the most distinctive feature of this exhaust. The cylindrical shape of the previous model has been replaced with a tapered design, and the interior has been divided into two sections. It also now has two connections to the tail pipe instead of one.


The exhaust pipes and merge collector are also slightly revised. The exhaust pipes are beautifully sculpted and bent while keeping their shape as close to a perfect circle as possible. Of course, an O2 sensor can be installed.


The classic silencer end section, which makes for a short pipe design when installed, amplifies the neo-classic feel of the Z900RS and is probably the reason for the popularity of this exhaust. The fact that the most popular color is heat-resistant black is also a testament to this.


Manufacturer SP TADAO
Product Name POWERBOX FULL 4in1 Z900RS 2023
Compatible models KAWASAKI Z900RS 2023 onward (8BL-ZR900K)
Material Ultra-light stainless steel (*Solid Titanium and Blue Titanium are made of ultra-light full titanium)
Volume 92dB (proximity) / 81dB (acceleration)

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