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Not sure what exhaust to get for your Ninja 250? Check out this list of the Top 10 best selling exhausts!

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 9 min read

Popular 250cc class sport bikes include the CBR250RR, YZF-R25, GSX250R, and of course, the Ninja 250. The Ninja 250 is the bike that laid the foundation for today's 250cc sport bikes and boasts the highest popularity in its class. Because of this popularity, custom parts are abundant. You might even say there are too many to choose from! If you agree, this ranking of the most popular slip-on exhausts at Webike for the Ninja 250 might be just what you need!

Top 10 best selling slip-on exhausts for Ninja 250

[No. 10] BEET|NASSERT Evolution Type II Slip-On Exhaust


Coming in at No. 10 is BEET's NASSERT Evolution Type II. Some people say that BEET is the only choice for Kawasaki exhausts. By using titanium as the shell material, a weight of 1.8kg (more than 50% lighter than stock) is achieved. It also creates a powerful 2-cylinder sound.

[No. 9] SCORPION|Serket Taper Slip-On Exhaust


SCORPION is a brand not often seen in Japan, but the Serket Taper Slip-on ranks 9th at Webike. The carbon shell makes it lightweight. The compatibility is for the Ninja 400, but many people are using it for the 250. If you don't want the same exhaust as everyone else, but still want one that has a proven track record, this might be the one for you!

[No. 8] TRICK STAR|Racing Slip-On Exhaust IKAZUCHI


TRICK STAR's IKAZUCHI racing model ranks 8th. It ranks in along with the regular version. Shell material can be selected from titanium or stainless steel, but the most popular at Webike seems to be heat colored titanium. There is also a short model, but the long model linked above is more popular!

[No. 7] YOSHIMURA|Slip-on R-11 Cyclone EXPORT SPEC


The YOSHIMURA R-11 Cyclone ranks 7th. This exhaust is characterized by its slash-cut end, which is not seen on other companies' exhausts. YOSHIMURA also offers the R-77S Cyclone, so it might be a good idea to compare the two. You can choose between titanium and stainless steel silencers, both of which are equally popular.



The STRIKER "INTER MODEL" OFF-Type B with titanium shell and carbon end ranks in at 6th place! Weighing an astonishing 1.5kg, it is among the lightest slip-on exhausts for the Ninja. Unlike the other exhausts, this one features a slightly high-mount design, and the exquisite angle is irresistible!

[No. 5] AKRAPOVIC|JMCA Specification Slip-on Line Exhaust


Ranked fifth is AKRAPOVIC's JMCA-spec Slip-on Exhaust! It delivers performance straight from the track. The silencer is made of titanium for a lightweight finish, and the heat guard at the joint contributes to a natural looking finish without a "tacked-on" feel.

[No. 4] WR'S|SS-OVAL Type Slip-on Exhaust


The Oval Type Exhaust from WR'S ranks 4th! With thorough bench testing, they have succeeded in improving the torque & power up in the low to mid range & the power feel in the entire range. Also, it can be changed from high-mount to low-mount to accommodate the use of side bags.

[No. 3] AKRAPOVIC|Slip-on Exhaust Carbon


In third place is the AKRAPOVIC Carbon Slip-on! The exhaust used by many top teams competing in the world's most prestigious races is also very popular for the Ninja 250. Carbon and stainless steel are used for the materials, and the styling and sound are sure to be addictive!

[No. 2] TRICK STAR|Slip-on Exhaust IKAZUCHI


2nd place goes to the regular version IKAZUCHI by TRICK STAR. The most popular type by far is the heat colored titanium! The racing model ranked in at 8th place, so if we added the two up, they might have been able to aim for the top spot.

[No. 1] YOSHIMURA|Slip-on R-77S Cyclone Carbon End EXPORT SPEC


And the winner goes to YOSHIMURA's R-77S Cyclone! The R-77S is a downsized version of the R-77 used on US YOSHIMURA racers. The silencer color (material) can be selected to coordinate with the overall style of the bike. The well put together design typical of YOSHIMURA is also highly regarded.

The trend is toward heat colored titanium!


In addition to improving performance, appearance, and sound, another key point of exhaust customization is to reduce weight. This may be the reason why models using lightweight materials, such as heat colored titanium shells for Japanese brands and carbon shells for overseas brands, have been very popular in the past few years. Since silencers often have a high center of gravity, the weight change may have a significant effect. When choosing a custom exhaust, the following four points should be considered: 1) performance improvement, 2) dress-up, 3) sound difference, and 4) weight reduction!




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