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Legendary classic bikes are making a come back! New possibilites for the Z900RS proposed by DOREMI COLLECTION

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Reasonably priced style makeover

The Kawasaki Z900RS is arguably the most popular big bike by a Japanese manufacturer in the world today, and DOREMI COLLECTION products have been gaining steam with Z900RS owners, who are always on the lookout for custom parts to enhance their bike's already stylish appearance.

The fairing kit, in particular, features a steel inner tank and cover that allows for more freedom of form, and most importantly, being a bolt-on kit makes the price very reasonable. The Z1-Style kit recreates the shape of the Z1 with a lower tank than the stock Z900RS, and together with the side covers and tail cowl, makes for an unrivaled distinct look. Many other attractive parts with a classic Z1 taste, such as a quad exhaust have also been developed.

Finally, Z1000R and GPZ900R style fairing kits also went on sale last spring and we expect to see even more releases to completely customize the Z900RS into many different classic looks.

Z900RS Z1-Style


Z900RS Z1-Style Fairing Kit

Price: 170,500 yen


Starting with the tank cover, which is installed in combination with a steel inner tank (sold separately for 54,780 yen), this fairing kit also includes a tail cowl, Side Covers, and side cover front section to recreate the style of the famous Z1. In addition to a wide selection of pre-painted sets, unpainted sets are also available so that owners can choose the color of their choice.


The painted pieces include popular Z1 colors, such as Candy Green Yellow, Candy Super Blue, and of course Candy Orange Brown.

Z900RS Z1-Style Quad Exhaust

Price: 341,000 yen


The Z1-Style Quad Exhaust is available in black or chrome plating for that classic Z1 look. Another popular item is a Fake Twin Shock (sold separately) that can be used as a bracket.

Z900RS Z1-Style Generator Cover

Price: 18,150 yen


With the Point Cover Set (21,450 yen) on the right and the newly released Generator Cover (left) you can recreate the classic feel of the original Z1 engine.

Z900RS Z1-Style Seat

Price: 28,600 yen

Z900RS Z1-Style Tail Cowl

Price: 40,700 yen


The Z1-Style Tail Cowl and Tuck Roll Seat are also available for individual sale. You can get that classic look without changing out the stock tank or using a fairing kit. The tail cowl can be securely fastened at 7 points just like the stock, and is extremely durable.

Z900RS Z1000R-Style


Z900RS Z1000R-Style Fairing Kit

Price: To be determined


The Z1000R-Style fairing kit, which recreates the look of the Lawson Replica that dominated the AMA Superbike Series in the '80s, was also released in 2022. An inner tank and cover to replicate the characteristic tank shape is also included.

Z900RS Full Exhaust

Price: 173,800 yen


The lineup also includes a full merged exhaust that suits the Z1000R style. You can of course combined it with the Z1-Style fairing kit to make your bike look like a customized classic Z1.

Z900RS Ninja GPZ900R-Style


Z900RS GPZ900R-Style Fairing Kit

Price: To be determined


DOREMI COLLECTION also offers a reasonably priced first generation Ninja style kit that completely changes the look of the Z900RS. With their many releases, DOREMI COLLECTION has greatly expanded possibilities in brining back the classics through customization. And don't be fooled into thinking that these are just "costumes" rather than "customs", each kit has a high level of perfection and is a good balance of the latest Z900RS technology and classic design.

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