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Installing GB Racing’s Engine Cover Set on a Z900RS!

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 10 min read

As the title suggests, we have installed the GB Racing Engine Cover Set on a Z900RS! This article details the installation process, so please check it out if you are a rider considering the same customization!

GB Racing|Engine Cover Set

Here, we will be installing these three items from GB Racing!


■Clutch Cover / Generator Cover / Pulsar Cover

GB Racing is a British parts manufacturer who's engine covers have a proven track record in races internationally and are highly regarded for their high impact resistance and protection. They have passed the strict standards necessary for FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) approval, so you can be confident in using them on the street as well. High-strength engineering plastic is used for the material, minimizing damage to the engine in the event of a fall. Engineering plastic is an impact-resistant material that is 10 times stronger than ordinary ABS plastic.

First, what you need for installation

The following items were used for this engine cover installation.


■An 8mm socket and extension bar are required!

-8mm socket
-Extension bar

Installation process

Since this set includes three pieces, we will be installing covers on both the left and right sides of the engine! The first step is to install the clutch cover.


■Only 4 of the 6 bolts are removed so there is no risk of oil leaking out.

Since I am not that experienced in maintenance, the first thing I realized was that I didn't know which bolts to remove, but when I looked at the instructions carefully, I found that it was marked very clearly.


■Clutch cover instructions (includes bolt removal locations and tightening torque)

After removing the bolts at the locations circled in the instructions I put the cover on top, and it fit perfectly. It covered the area completely and there was no need to bend or force it to get it on.


■When in doubt, just hold the cover up to the bike and you will be able to tell which bolts to remove.

After that, insert the bolts that come with the product.


■Included bolt compared to the stock bolt

Then simply tighten the bolts. Tighten each bolt on the cover to 11Nm as noted in the instructions.


■The use of a deep socket was not necessary.

Installation of the first cover is done! The work was really easy, just remove the bolts at the designated locations and replace them with the bolts provided.


■Clutch cover installation complete!

Once you know how to attach one cover, the procedure is the same for the rest. Let's check the instructions carefully to see which bolts to remove for the pulsar cover.


■Pulsar cover instructions

After removing the indicated bolts, attach the cover using the extension bolts included in the package.


■Included bolt compared to the stock bolt

After that, start tightening the bolts by hand, and when you can no longer tighten them by hand, use the ratchet.


■No deep sockets were needed here either.

The right side is now complete. I think it scores 100% for easy installation, and it doesn't ruin the original look of the Z900RS!


■Clutch cover and pulsar cover installation complete!

So now let's move on to the generator cover.


■If you have one, it is easier to work using a maintenance stand or center stand.

The process is exactly the same as on the right side! Follow the instructions, remove the original bolts, and install with the bolts provided! It's that easy! Finally, check for any looseness and installation is complete on the left side as well.


■It was a little difficult with just the side stand because the bolt was facing slightly downward.

Since I was now an expert at it, I was able to install the left side in less than 5 minutes.


■Generator cover installation complete!

Completed installation of engine cover

As you can see from the before and after photos, the stock style and the racer-like atmosphere are well blended together to create a very harmonious custom look. Since the engine covers do not stand out too much, I think it will offer good balance even if you do some other customization that has a bigger visual impact.


■Before installation


■After installation

I was a bit nervous about the installation at first, but once I started working on it, there were no difficult steps and I was able to install all three covers in no time at all. It took less than 30 minutes even for a novice like me, so if you are already an expert, it will probably take less than 10 minutes! This is thanks to the completely bolt-on design and high manufacturing precision.

Example of actual fall

I'm sure everyone is very curious about how durable these engine covers actually are. So, we were able to borrow a sample of GB Racing engine covers that had actually experienced a fall! Here's what they looked like afterwards.


■Outer side


■Inner side

The top picture shows the intensity of the fall very well. You can see that even with such a hard fall, GB Racing's engine covers gave thorough protection and damage did not penetrate to the inner side. They are easy to install, offer great protection, and look cool to boot. We highly recommend them!

In conclusion

This time, I was given the opportunity to write this article on the installation of GB Racing's Engine Cover Set. Since I'm a novice, I was nervous when I was first asked to write this article, but once I actually started working on it, I was surprised at how easy it was to install. This is a customization that can be performed by anyone, not only by those who are experts in maintenance, but also by those like myself who do not have much experience, so why not give it a try! Thank you for reading!




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