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Bull Docker TAGOS 84 Caliper Support + Axle Collar Set: Quintessential parts for Ninja owners!

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Bull Docker TAGOS 84 Caliper Support + Axle Collar Set

The mounting pitch used for Brembo rear calipers is 84mm, which has been used since the days of the cast 2P rear caliper (the so-called "old crab"), which was the standard rear caliper during the customization boom of the '90s. The TAGOS 84 Caliper Support is a product from Bull Docker TAGOS, a shop based in Gunma, Japan, that specializes in Ninjas. It is a part designed to fit Brembo rear calipers to the GPZ900R, and can be used for models A7 to A16. The "TAGOS 84 Caliper Support + Axle Collar Set" introduced here is a set which includes replacement axle collars in response to the discontinuation of two stock parts that were necessary for the installation of the caliper support.

Not just limited to the GPZ900R, but for discontinued bikes in general, the end of production for small stock parts like this is quite the sucker punch. It is no wonder that Ninja enthusiasts rely heavily on Bull Docker TAGOS, a company that knows what parts are really necessary and works to make them available on the market again. GPZ900R owners should keep their eyes peeled for more parts from this store in the future!


The square collar in the top photo is the stock part, with part number "92027-1730 Collar, Rear Caliper" and the bottom photo features the "92143-1405 Collar, RR, Hub, L=35.5" replacement parts by TAGOS on the left. This stock part has been discontinued for all models, so you can't even try using a part from another bike. The two collars alone are also available for purchase as the 84 Caliper Axle Collar Set.


The TAGOS 84 Caliper Support is compatible with 84mm mounting pitch Brembo calipers, for use with A7 to A16 stock swingarms, and is available in silver and black. Stock brake hoses cannot be used. Some modifications may be required when used with aftermarket wheels.


Manufacturer Bull Docker TAGOS
Product Name TAGOS 84 Caliper Support + Axle Collar Set
Material/Processing Machined from Aluminum
Compatible Models GPZ900R (A7-A16)
Color Silver, Black
Notes Bull Docker TAGOS strongly recommends that this product be installed by a professional.

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