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The Second-hand Bike’s Revenge: ZRX1100 Custom

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PSC's ZRX1100


The owner acquired this ZRX1100 via Custom Shop PSC and has continued to rely on them for its maintenance and customization. When he got this, it was already repainted in blue, and the wheels and swingarm had already been refurbished, but some parts, such as front forks, cylinder head cover, steps, had been replaced after. The owner wanted to create an attractive motorcycle custom with a fancy look. In general, gold and silver will come first to satisfy that goal. However, it is difficult to maintain a well-balanced coloring using both. Basically in this custom, changing the look was a task that could not be done without the support of PSC.


And likewise, PSC's supports are also highly relevant to the ZRX's performance improvement. Customers are not knowledgeable to handle that work, and it was the same for the owner. For example, if a customer wants to install a FCR carburetor, not only the carburetor itself but also the fuel cock must be replaced as well, with a one which accomodates high-flow. By this way, fuel flow will be stay in a sufficient amount for the FCR carburetor and maintain the performance. Such issues are naturally cared by maintenance professionals like PSC, but it is also important for riders to add an extra step like professionals do to achieve a higher performance than before. Professional's advice will be more helpful if an issue is difficult to solve. Such a relationship of trust will make your motorcycle life more enjoyable.



Distinctive headlight louvers and long windshield. Aluminum body mirrors are by antlion.


The handlebar is by Hardy, and the front brake and clutch master cylinder are by GALE SPEED. The contents were designed with operability in mind.



The current paint has already been applied before the owner purchased, but a full paint job is planned in the future. The seat has a tuck-roll surface.



The engine is equipped with ACTIVE's subframe and sliders made of Duracon. The sprocket cover is made by K-Factory. GSG skeleton clutch cover, Wheelie oil bypass kit, cylinder head cover, engine left side cover, and clutch release are installed.

Intake & Exhaust


The carburetor is Yoshimura TMR Φ38mm-MJN with Pingel Fuel Cock. The exhaust system is equipped with Tsukigi Racing's Exhaust Pipes and a silencer that the owner purchased at an auction.


The vertically arranged cooling system is equipped with ACTIVE's big radiator and oil cooler. The ignition system is AS Uotani SP2.



Ohlins Φ43mm front forks were installed using GILD Design stem. The distribution of gold and silver parts is well balanced.


OVER Racing's step kit was installed with GALE SPEED's rear master cylinder. The pillion step, machined from aluminum, is made by SSK.


The forged aluminum wheels are GALE SPEED Type-R 3.50-17/6.00-17. The rear shock is by Quantum. The swingarm is made by OVER Racing and features a square pipe with aluminum ribs. The lower stabilizer was installed by PSC.


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Part Details
Engine GSG MOTOTECHNIK Skeleton Clutch Cover
WHEELIE Kawasaki GPZ series Engine Generator Cover
WHEELIE Kawasaki Water Cooled Palsar Cover
WHEELIE Billet Head Cover ZRX1100
Carb / Intake YOSHIMURA TMR-MJN Φ38mm Carburetor
Exhaust TSUKIGI RACING Exhaust Pipe
OKUSAN Silencer
Frame ACTIVE Subframe Buffs
OVER RACING Swingarm Type 9 ZRX1100
Brake GALE SPEED Elaborate VRC Brake Master Cylinder
Brembo Brake Caliper P4 34 / 34 65mm
SUNSTAR Custom Type Brake Disc
GALE SPEED Rear Master Cylinder
BREMBO P2 Caliper
SUNSTAR Premium Racing Rear Disc Rotor
Wheels GALE SPEED [TYPE-R Front] Forged Aluminum Wheel
GALE SPEED [TYPE-R Rear] Forged Aluminum Wheels
Suspension OHLINS Φ43mm Upright Front Forks
K-FACTORY Front Forks Guard M size
Steps OVER RACING Rearsets 4 Position SIL ZRX1100/1200
Drive System RK GV Series Gold Chain GV530X-XW
Handle / Steering HARDY Roadbar
YOSHIMURA Digital Multi Meter
GALE SPEED Elaborate VBC Clutch Master
antlion Billet Mirror Adjusting Type (Long Mount)
Oil Cooler ACTIVE Round Oil Cooler Kit [for Big Radiator]
Electrical AS Uotani SPII Full Power Kit
Others ACTIVE Big Radiator Kit



A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.