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Reviving Demand and Upgrading the Entire Body: ZEPHYR 750 Custom

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Wheelie's ZEPHYR750


Wheelie, renowned for their original pentagonal cross-section 7N01 aluminum swingarm and a variety of 3D billet parts, offers an extensive lineup for the Kawasaki ZEPHYR 1100/750. This bike is a demonstration model of the ZEPHYR 750 fitted with these parts.


After the owners customize their bikes entirely, they seek a new look and custom image by purchasing billet parts. It's a shared desire among motorcycle riders to create a cool bike. At Wheelie, they assist in making that desire a reality. Pursuing a stylish design and a smooth ride is appealing, and the process of gradually acquiring parts is also enjoyable. The Wheelie ZEPHYR 750 fully embodies the essence of customization, providing the real thrill. They take pride in offering a bike that fully embraces the joys of customization.



The steering stem is the "ZEPHYR 750 Monoblock Triple Tree Street EVO," allowing you to install ZRX1100/1200 wheels and Φ43mm front forks using a Φ25mm axle shaft. The Wheelie's headlight bracket is compatible with the ZEPHYR 750's stock headlight. Additionally, the handlebar is from ZETA.



The exterior of the ZEPHYR 750 retains its original design, with a custom purple repaint arranged by the Yellow Tiger color. The seat is also remain stock.


The engine and frame remain ZEPHYR 750 stock, but the covers have been replaced with Wheelie's 3D billet ones. The 3D billet sprocket cover also includes a support feature to reinforce the shift shaft.


On the left side of the engine, the previously mentioned 3D billet sprocket cover is installed. This sprocket cover is equipped with needle roller bearings and seals in the shift area, and an ACG clutch cover is also installed.

Intake & Exhaust


The carburetor has been replaced with an FCR Φ35mm and an oil cooler has been installed. A 3D billet pulsar cover is mounted on the right side of the engine.



The "Coaxial Rearsets Kit" is made of 3D billet and has base blocks positioned along the frame to allow mounting the step without offset.


The right side of the coaxial rearsets kit showcases the intricate details of the knife-edge design pedals and the precision of the 3D CNC machining center, including the lightening process. The foot peg position is set 115mm back and 20mm lower compared to the stock position. The 3D pillion rearsets kit, designed to match the overall aesthetic, is available as an optional accessory.


The front forks are Ohlins upright forks for ZRX1100/1200, and the bottom pieces and caliper supports have been replaced with billet parts from Wheelie.


The swingarm is made of aluminum with a pentagonal cross-section and is handcrafted by Wheelie. Additionally, the Brembo 2-piston caliper is mounted on the lower section using a caliper support also made by Wheelie.


The wheels are equipped with Marchesini M10S in sizes 3.50-17/5.50-17. The chain and sprockets are from RK, while the rear shocks are from Ohlins.


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Part Details
Engine Wheelie ZEPHYR 750 Pulsar Cover
Wheelie ZEPHYR 750 ACG Cover
Carb / Intake KEIHIN FCR Carburetor
Exhaust NOJIMA FASARM PRO Titanium V CAT Full Exhaust System
Frame Wheelie ZEPHYR 750 Swingarm
Wheelie ZEPHYR 750 Monoblock Triple Tree Street EVO
Brake BREMBO RMC Brake Master Cylinder
Brembo Brakes Caliper P4 30/34 40mm
SUNSTAR Front Brake Disc Hole Type
Brembo P2-RS84 Rear Brake Caliper P2 34 84mm
SUNSTAR Rear Brake Disc Hole Type
Wheels MARCHESINI Forged Aluminum Wheels M10S Kompe Evo Front/Rear Set
Suspension OHLINS Upright Front Forks
OHLINS Rear Suspension
Steps Wheelie ZEPHYR 750 Coaxial Step Kit
Drive System Wheelie Kawasaki ZEPHYR 750 3D Billet Sprocket Cover
RK High Carbon Steel Premium Sprocket
RK 520XXW Drive Chain
Handle / Steering ZETA GT Handlebar Medium Type-1
ZETA Flight Perch Clutch Holder

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