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Sleek Lines, Smooth Rides: YAMAHA YZF-R25 Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "YAMAHA YZF-R25" custom by Webike community user "lynx". The exhaust is a STRIKER STREET CONCEPT Full Exhaust System. This model is fitted with a high-performance catalytic converter for cleaner emissions while delivering maximum power and sound. It creates a sleeker rear appearance and a powerful acceleration sound that enhances the riding experience. For the rear fender, a MOS Embossed Rear Fender was selected. The MOS rear fender, with its carbon look and distinctive appearance, features excellent durability, high precision, and superior quality. In addition, an ACTIVE Reflector Kit TYPE-3 Slim was installed to further streamline the area around the license plate. This product is highly satisfying in terms of cost performance, quality, and design. The owner says that compared to his previous bike, he felt the engine braking was too harsh going downhill, making it difficult to ride. However, after installing a KITACO Rear Sprocket, he is now able to ride smoothly even when going downhill.



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Part Details
Exhaust STRIKER STREET CONCEPT Full Exhaust System
Handles ABM Bar End Mirror Round Cafe
Bodyworks KITACO Fender Eliminator Kit (License Plate Mounting Bracket)
MOS Embossed Rear Fender
Fuel Cap
ACTIVE Reflector Kit Type 3 Slim
Drive Parts KITACO Rear Sprocket
Engine KN Planning Air Element (High Flow Type)



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