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Devilish after 10 Years of Time: WR250X Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "YAMAHA WR250X" custom by Webike community user "houjyoumakoto". This WR250X was developed based on the concept of an off-road YZF-R1. The exhaust is an RC Koshien Hitman Street Exhaust. Since it is full titanium, it is lighter than stock and has a nice bass sound. The handguard is fitted with a ZETA. It looks good and protects the lever from damage due to falls. The levers are ZETA Pivot Lever CP. The lever can be taken forward as well, so it will not break off in the event of a fall. The handlebars are also ZETA, and have been tested and developed by top enduro riders for their high quality. The ZETA handlebar clamp kit SX allows for up to 8 different handlebar positions. The underguard is Y'S GEAR aluminum and is suitable for hard off-road riding. The exterior is designed by Hachi Pro Design and is a Devil Girl Decal Kit. The purple color stands out, making it a one-of-a-kind bike.



YAMAHA_wr250x2012_02.jpg YAMAHA_wr250x2012_03.jpg


Part Details
Exhaust RC Koshien Hitman Street Exhaust System
Brake SWAGE-LINE Front Brake Hose Kit
SWAGE-LINE Rear Brake Hose Kit
Handles ZETA SX3 Handlebar
ZETA Pivot Lever CP / Clutch 3 Fingers Foldable
ZETA Pivot Lever CP / Brake 3 Fingers Foldable
ZETA Armor Handguard Bend
ZETA Handlebar Clamp Kit SX
ZETA Aluminum Throttle Tube
YAMAHA High seat (Semi-double seat assembly)
YAMAHA Aluminum Skid Plate
Bodywork Hachipro Design Devil Girl Decal Kit
DRC Number Bracket for MOTOLED Edge Aluminum Holder Kit
Electrical DRC MOTOLED LED Flasher Type #601
DAYTONA Accessory Power Supply Unit D-Unit Water-Resistant
GS YUASA YTZ7S Control Valve Type(MF)12V Battery for Motorcycle
DRC MOTOLED Edge Aluminum Holder Kit
KIJIMA Grip Heater GH07 Switch Built-in
Drive Parts ISA Front Sprocket
ISA Rear Sprocket
DID VX Series Chain 520VX3 Gold [with Caulk (ZJ) Joint]
Rearsets IMS Wide Foot pegs Pro Series
ZETA Heel Guard
Wheel YAMAHA Front wheel assembly (WR250R)
YAMAHA Rear wheel assembly (WR250R)
Accessories YAMALUBE Premium Synthetic[10W-40][4CycleOil]



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