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Perfect Fusion of “Traditional” and “Modern”: SR400 Custom

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Flakes' newest offering is a cafe racer based on the high-performance SR400, with intricately designed exterior, engine, and suspension. The exterior is characterized by a customized Peyton Place rocket cowl, featuring Cognito moto's LED projector headlight and GPS meter. The fuel tank is manufactured by Brooklands and combines with a seat modified by Motoco to create a cohesive design. Notably, the frame incorporates a looped LED taillight, resulting in a simple yet captivating rear view.


The bike utilizes SOHC Engineering's Φ90 lightweight pistons for the engine, resulting in an increased displacement of 534cc. Equipped with a Yoshimura FCR-MJN39 carburetor, the bike showcases a one-off two-pipe exhaust system and an over racing silencer, offering both striking aesthetics and superior performance. The rear suspension features Ohlins components, while WP reinforced springs are installed in the front. This bike represents a high-performance SR model that seamlessly combines traditional elements with the latest advancements in style and technology.



The front cowl is by Peyton Place, and the fuel tank is by Brooklands, making it a classic SR cafe racer combination.



A GPS multimeter from Cognito moto, a stem kit from Bore Ace, and initial adjusters from POSH provide the machine with a luxurious and modern appearance.



The displacement is 534 cc, and a Yoshimura FCR-MJN39 carburetor is chosen.

Intake & Exhaust


The two-pipe exhaust pipe is a one-off by Flakes, and Over Racing was chosen for the silencer. The suspension is by Ohlins.



The taillights are seamlessly incorporated into the curved rear frame, creating a sleek and unified look. The turn signals, supplied by Motogadget, are tastefully integrated into the seat cowl.


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Part Details
Engine MOTOR ROCK 69 Decomposition
500 Crank + SOHC Engineering 90mm Light Weight Piston
RAMAIR Air Filter
Exhaust OVER Racing Silencer Type-2
FLAKES Original Silencer Bracket
FLAKES Original Exhaust Pipes
Orange Boulevard Manifold
Frame CRAFTMAN Aluminum Swingarm for Drums
Brake SWAGE LINE Mesh Brake Hose
Brembo 14RCS Radial Brake Master Cylinder
Brembo Racing Radial Brake Master Cylinder (16×16) Short Lever
SUNSTAR [Repair Parts] TRAD TYPE Outer Rotor
Wheels EXCEL RIM 3.50-17inch (Front)
EXCEL RIM 4.50-17inch (Rear)
antlion Billet Front Hub
Tube-less Modification
Suspension WP Front Fork Springs
POSH Faith Initial Adjuster
OHLINS Rear Shock Absorber
YAMAHA Performance Damper
Steps BORE ACE Rearsets
Drive System SUNSTAR Front Sprocket (16T)
KOHKEN Rear Sprocket (41T)
RK GV Series Gold Chain GV520R-XW
Handle / Steering BATTLE FACTORY Aluminum Welding Handlebar Φ35
Motogadget Mo-View Spy
BILTWELL Recoil 7/8-inch Grip
BORE ACE Fork Diameter 35mm Offset 35mm Special Stem Kit for Clip On Handlebar
KOHKEN Mechanical Clutch Holder 27mm
ACTIVE Universal High Throttle Kit [EVO2]
Seat MOTOCO Seat (Modified)
Bodyworks One-off Cowl Bracket
Brooklands BSA Aluminum Tank
PINGEL Fuel Cock
Peyton Place Half Cowl Kit
XJR Aftermarket Parts
FLAKES One-off Mud Guard
FLAKES One-off Rear Fender
POSH Imola Type Side Covers
WM Skid Plate
Electrical Cognito Moto LED Projector
Motogadget Handlebar End Blinkers
THUNDER BIKE Motogadget M-Blaze Pin Turn Signals
Cognito Moto GPS Multi Meter
RADICAL Moto Gadget Moto Scope Mini Multi Function Meter
Kijima License Lamp
One-off Meter
One-off Light
NSR OEM Light Switch
NGK Plug Cord
AS Uotani SPII High Power Coil (Universal)
Others NIKKO Horn
Monkey Stock Key Set

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